Hello all! Just wanted to check in real quick and let u guys know I’m still alive but am basking in doing NOTHING for a few days since grad school is officially over ๐Ÿ™‚ hope u guys understand! Off to a celebratory date night with Joey! I’ll be back by the end of the weeknd I promise!


Yo, It’s Way Back When Wednesday!

Hello to all and happy Wednesday!! Also happy cinco de mayo! Hope everyone is doing something fun today, after being tortured through a class and presentations at 5 my class is going out for a little celebration, yippee!! Before I get into it, I just wanted to thank everyone for all the great comments on my last post, yay for getting rid of those evil scales. Congrats to all that have and I know others who want to get there will sometime soon! Now, for WBWW!

Way Back When Toy:Magic Nursery Babies! These little suckers came with a gown (or something like that) that you put in water, it dissolved and you found of the sex of your baby! ha.

There were many variations of this doll, which I had all of them. In fact, here is a Magic Nursery Newborn I had!

This one you could open/close her eyes with water

Lastly, was Magic Nursery Pets, I know I also had one of these (man I was Magic Nursery spoiled!!)

Way Back When Music:

Not REALLY a song, per say, but the youtube phenomenon AISHA!! Hahaha. My freshman year of college this was THE video that we just laughed our ass off to.

Way Back When Clothing/Accessories:

Sambas! Ok, I know these suckers are still around, but you were the ish at my grade school if you wore sambas or shell toes

Way Back When Crush:

Brad Renfro! It seems to be a running trend that a bunch of crushes I had committed suicide, no bueno. He was in The Client & Apt Pupil, also Huck & Finn with another crush, JTT.

Way Back When TV Show:

Did you ever wonder, what would happen under, under the umbrella tree! I LOVED this Disney Channel show.

Way Back When Movie:Blank Check!! This was one of the funnest kids movies EVER! I dreamed of someone hitting my bike and giving me a blank check ๐Ÿ™‚

Way Back When Food: OK, not really a food, but the BK Kids Club Gang! Now that I see the Wheelchair kids’ name is “wheels” seems a little odd. ha.

Well, that’s it for WBWW today!! I think today was a really good one ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope everyone enjoyed!

You Don’t Own Me

Hello all and happy Tuesday! Good news, besides a few hours of sleeplessness in the middle of the night, I have been feeling MUCH better today. Word to the wise, when you have a sore throat, do not fall asleep with a cough drop in your mouth, you will drool like a mad woman!! hahaha. ย Sorry tmi, but I’m a drooler naturally so it was OOC (out of control) last night!

I wanted to share with your guys that the other day I took the plunge and threw out my scale!!! First I wrote a little message on it ๐Ÿ™‚ I DESERVED to throw it out because my health is about feeling good and creating an active/able body, NOT about a number. It was a little weird when Joey asked “where did your scale go?” a few days back, but I explained to him that I could be having a good day, and then weigh myself and just feel crappy. Honestly I felt a little weird, but he’s always so supportive so it didn’t phase him. I think unless you are able to not be “owned” by the scale everyone should throw these things out and SCREAM BIATCH! YOU DON’T OWN ME!! ha!

I also found this incredible song by B.O.B. (I recommend this album if you haven’t heard it) called Ghost in A Machine and it was scary how much some of these lyrics used to describe me:

Tell me where am I supposed to go?
And who am I supposed to believe.
If only you knew what I knew.
Then you could see just what I see.

So I grab my bags and go, as far away as I can go.
Cause everything ain’t what I used to know.
And I try to hide, but I just can’t hide no more.
There’s nothing worse than feeling like a ghost.

I think of the running away as what I used to use food for, when I was confused/sad/stressed etc I would “run away” to that comfort, where I was alone, and that in turn turned me into someone with a numbness and I felt like I didn’t matter, like I was a ghost who was screaming at times, and no one heard. I am so blessed to have overcame that feeling. Life IS worth living to it’s fullest EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

OK now since I have been pretty serious this post, I thought I would share something really funny from my past. You guys might not know this, but I used to be REALLY in love with Zac Efron, I mean ya a lot of girls had posters and such, but no one I know had this…..


I found this gem online for like $40 and I HAD to have it. He immediately became a part of the family he even

Came to pool parties & even DJ'ed (sorry you cant see the boombox)

Drank champagne to celebrate Emmy's 23

Was peer pressed into smoking candles with us (yes, that's a candle, I'm weird)

And helped host Christmas parties!

Hahaha. Sadly, when we moved Zac decided it was time to part ways, and left me for a classroom at my mom’s grade school. Ha!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed a little taste of my goofiness!

Lastly, wanted to share my yummy lunch. I decided from now on I’m just gonna share my random/fun meals. I get tired of trying to post every meal. Hope that’s ok! Lunch was 2 eggs, 1 roma tomato, and some TJ’s chorizo. OMG SOOOO GOOD! I am seriously obsessing over this soy chorizo.

Eggy mix wrapped in an ezekiel tortilla. Had blueberry Stoneyfield yogi on the side, I LOVE this flavor

So for a final wrap up, why do you guys deserve to throw out your scale?? And have you ever felt like a ghost?

What Jill Ate Today

Hello all and happy Monday! I am actually not feeling very well tonight ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I think James’ sickness may have rubbed off on me, but anyways, I thought I would give you a COMPLETE rundown of my eats for today because I haven’t done that in awhile! Hope everyone had a great day & enjoy!


Oats & Iced Coffee

For oats I am currently using Bob’s Organic Old Fashioned Rolled Oats, and I must say they are FAB. My oats this morning consisted of 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1/2 mashed nanner, cinnamon, & 1.5 tbsp Archer Farm’s Chocolate peanut butter (from target)

Same basic flavor as Dark Chocolate Dream, but less mousse like texture. REALLY good though!!

Morning Snack:I decided to pick up this big jug at Whole Foods because I wanted to have a juice “snack” that I can have with all sorts of green goodies in it. Turns out this juice kinda sucks, ha. I think that they overcompensate the green stuff by adding too much fruit, and it is extremely sweet, like it kinda made my tummy hurt. No bueno.


Tried out a few new Trader Joe’s goodies:

A+ in my book

A+ too! This was crumbly, spicy, and delicious!

Complete lunch with plain stoneyfield (don't try to eat this plain, it's gross) and a gala apple

Afternoon snack:

Another new treat

Individual cookie (sorry for the shotty photography skills)

Ok, so it was a day of fails, these cookies were nasty. The thing is the actual cookie was pretty good, but there were like crunchy bits of freeze dried (my guess) nanner in the cookie. And I don’t know about you, but when I bit into a soft cookie I don’t want to taste something super crunchy.

Instead I had 5 pieces of yum

Thanks Daddy!

And a few of my new OBSESSION:

Best kept in the fridge!!

I also tested about 5 of these and was underwhelmed. I like a STRONG bbq flavor, and these just didn’t cut it. They are still good, but I like the gensoy crisps or trader joes brand much better.

*OK so that seems like a lot of snackage, but really it wasn’t I promise!


I went over to Joey’s a whipped up a favorite dinner of mine, Whole Wheat Pumpkin Gnocchis!! HERE IS THE LINK TO MY ORIGINAL RECIPE which I got from Making Good Choices. ย We also made some roasted broccoli with garlic (just tossed broccoli in oil, salt, pepper, and a clove of garlic. In the oven for 10 min at 425)

Finished product

*This time I used parm cheese to sprinkle on the gnocchis.

And a small glass of 2 buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s


Popped 5 of these before leaving Joeys

And later, my new FAVORITE nut butter mix

You can't even imagine how good this is!!

Spread on 1/2 ezekiel tortilla. OH YUM!!

Well that’s it from me tonight. Hope you enjoyed an in depth look at my daily diet!

Weekend Photo Rundown

Hello all! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I know I did! Just thought I would share some pics from the weekend & I promise to be back to normal postings tomorrow!


Daddy/daughter date at Cracker Barrel

Really good frozen dinner

Best sumer dessert EVER created!

Roasted eggplant, sweet potato with goat cheese and bbq tempeh (the roasted eggplant was one of the best things I've ever eaten!!)

Roasted asparagus and greek yogurt on a flatout wrap (better than it sounds, I was actually impressed) with broccoli


James & Auntie Jill. And guess what?! HE SAID MY NAME THIS WEEKEND!!!! I almost cried.

Grandkids playing in the wagon inside (I swear you can't make this kid stop playing in the wagon)

Snack time

BEST wagon ride ever:

The beginning of the wagon ride sleep time

The middle: this was much more comfortable for nappage

Shows over, and this pic is not a joke, he slept like this for a few min. I literally almost peed my pants laughing

Well, that’s it from me tonight! Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday evening and it’s pizza night for me! Also yay for my last week of classes!!!!

Cookie Time + Wagon Time = Fun With Auntie Jill

James Friday!

Hello all and happy Friday to all!! I forgot to mention I’ll be away this weekend at home with my family. Hope everyone has a good weekend. I get to see lots of friends and I’m babysitting this guy today!!