Let’s Take This Waaaaaaaay Back

Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday!! It’s time for everyone’s favorite post of the week! Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

Way Back When Toy:

Teddy Ruxpin! This little guy had tapes that you put in his back with a corresponding book you followed along as he read to you. Grubby (his little worm friend) also read and I think you could actually hook them up together so the whole freaking forrest could read you to sleep, ha. I had both, but at some point in college I had my mom bring me teddy and some tapes (weird, I know) and he’s not as friendly as I remember. In fact, his reading voice is quite creepy, and his mouth movements are laughable. I spit on 80/90s technology. haha πŸ˜‰

Hilarious photo I found when I googled Teddy Ruxpin

Way Back When Music:

F*ck It (I don’t want you back) by Eamon. I searched and there are no pictures in the history of google of this guy. But this song was HUGE my freshman year of college. Here is a link to the youtube video if you don’t remember!

Way Back When Clothing/Accessories:

Starter Jackets!! I mean you were not cool in grade school unless you rocked one of these babies. I remember my friend Catherine and I used to like squat all the way to the ground (but still on our feet, kind of egg shaped, if this makes sense) and pull the jackets over our legs to keep us warm on cold playground days. Weird i know.

Way Back When Crush: Vincent Kartheiser, omg! I LOVED this kid in the movie Alaska with Thora Birch. He was also in Little Big League (classic) and another unknown movie called Strike! with Kirsten Dunst. The funniest thing is he is in Mad Men (which as you know I LOVE) so our relationship has come full circle πŸ™‚ I was trying to convince Joey he was a big hearthrob back in the day and here’s some more proof!

He was even in a Calvin Klein ad!

Way Back When TV Show:

I Want A Famous Face. So, this show was slightly disturbing, but it was also just interesting to see people who actually thought they could change there lives by “becoming” Brad Pitt or Britney Spears. Cwazy peeps. Also I love surgery shows.

Way Back When Movie:How huge was this movie back in the day?! I remember we had a VHS copy of this movie in one of those big plastic containers, they almost looked like a book! haha.

Way Back When Food:

Cinn-a-burst gum! I think this is the gum that you could also eat the wrapper. There was also mint-a-burst. I remember that this gum had a lot of flavor for about 2 seconds and then it got bad fast.

Well that’s it for Way Back Wednesday!! Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I always do πŸ™‚

Something Fun:

I LOVE crappy reality tv shows (a quality Joey LOVES about me). In fact, a few years back I even dressed up as Jes the season 1 winner of Rock of Love for Halloween.

Devil cop?!, Jes from Rock of Love, and Ugly Betty!

My shirt says “Mrs. Bret Michaels” and yes, I had it made. haha.

What’s your favorite crappy reality show?


18 Responses

  1. YES! I love WBW! Okay, so Jumanji actually used to give me nightmares. Crocodiles, stampedes, and monkeys, oh my!

  2. Teddy Ruxpin…I loved him!!!

  3. I had a Mighty Ducks starter jacket. It was purple and gray and amazing! Glad I wasn’t the only “cool” kid.

  4. Jumanji actually scared the crap out of me when I first watched it…

    And I wanted a starter jacket soooo bad but never got one… I think I dodged a bullet on that one! :p

  5. Crappy reality tv show? Girl you know I can’t resist jersey shore. (yay for us on Halloween! Wish I was wearing that poncho now.)

  6. Jumanji!! I love it, it was on TV recently and it never gets old!!!

  7. “I want a famous face” was definitely creepy!

    I think I had Teddy Ruxpin….that is also creepy haha!

  8. Teddy Ruxpin was my favorite. I think I still have mine.

  9. OMG, I use to love Teddy Ruxpin and the tapes that you put in his back. This brought back old memories.

  10. I ALWAYS wanted a teddy ruxpin, but my mom would never get one for me!! I don’t know what she had against ol teddy… haha! πŸ˜‰

    My favorite crappy reality show would have to be jersey shore! πŸ™‚

  11. Oh my goodness!! Teddy Ruxpin was the best toy ever! And cinn-a-burst? I used to get SO excited when my mom would cave and buy it for me at the grocery store! πŸ™‚

  12. haha thats funny. I went to high school with Jes from Rock of Love, and I LOVED starter jackets. I actually had that Hornets one and a Bulls one.

  13. i thought he was so hot too lol!

  14. I LOVED MY JACKET! thanks for bringing that up!

    Teddy Ruxpin and I were unfortunately never introduced but it seems now that might be a good thing

  15. I totally forgot about Teddy Ruxpin….loved that bear! And we thought we were SO cool in our starter jackets! Ha!

    I love all crappy reality shows…I’m addicted…I can’t stop watching regardless of how bad they are!

  16. OMG Teddy Ruxpin! I used to try to feed him Kix and got really upset when I figured out he wasn’t ever going to be able to eat them 😦

    I’ve never really been a fan of reality shows… the only one I ever really watched was Project Runway.

  17. Oh Teddy Ruxpin! I had alllllll of his tapes. And my family STILL teases me mercilously for my slight obsession with him when I was little!

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