Yo, It’s Way Back When Wednesday!

Hello to all and happy Wednesday!! Also happy cinco de mayo! Hope everyone is doing something fun today, after being tortured through a class and presentations at 5 my class is going out for a little celebration, yippee!! Before I get into it, I just wanted to thank everyone for all the great comments on my last post, yay for getting rid of those evil scales. Congrats to all that have and I know others who want to get there will sometime soon! Now, for WBWW!

Way Back When Toy:Magic Nursery Babies! These little suckers came with a gown (or something like that) that you put in water, it dissolved and you found of the sex of your baby! ha.

There were many variations of this doll, which I had all of them. In fact, here is a Magic Nursery Newborn I had!

This one you could open/close her eyes with water

Lastly, was Magic Nursery Pets, I know I also had one of these (man I was Magic Nursery spoiled!!)

Way Back When Music:

Not REALLY a song, per say, but the youtube phenomenon AISHA!! Hahaha. My freshman year of college this was THE video that we just laughed our ass off to.

Way Back When Clothing/Accessories:

Sambas! Ok, I know these suckers are still around, but you were the ish at my grade school if you wore sambas or shell toes

Way Back When Crush:

Brad Renfro! It seems to be a running trend that a bunch of crushes I had committed suicide, no bueno. He was in The Client & Apt Pupil, also Huck & Finn with another crush, JTT.

Way Back When TV Show:

Did you ever wonder, what would happen under, under the umbrella tree! I LOVED this Disney Channel show.

Way Back When Movie:Blank Check!! This was one of the funnest kids movies EVER! I dreamed of someone hitting my bike and giving me a blank check πŸ™‚

Way Back When Food: OK, not really a food, but the BK Kids Club Gang! Now that I see the Wheelchair kids’ name is “wheels” seems a little odd. ha.

Well, that’s it for WBWW today!! I think today was a really good one πŸ™‚ Hope everyone enjoyed!


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  2. I loved my Samba’s. I actually just got rid of my first pair last year.

  3. yea ‘wheels’ is kinds harsh eh! haha. love the way back post. gosh its bringing up so many memories haha

  4. Blank Check was a great movie! πŸ™‚

  5. Those babies remind me of Glo Worms. And the Magic Nursery Pets are just plain scary. haha

  6. I totally got one of those dolls for Christmas one year! I got twins! Oddly enough…you had to mail in this coupon and another baby arrived in the mail! I also remember the BK kids gang!! I love Way Back Wednesdays!! πŸ™‚

  7. hahaha well we are the same age, so obviously we have the same things that go way back. Of COURSE Brad Renfro was a crush of mine! and loved sambas…how could you NOT have them? πŸ™‚

  8. Gotta love the BK Kids….I used to know all of their names! Ha! The shoes were so cool when we were younger!!! I love these posts! They always make me remember such great things from my childhood!

  9. You kill me everytime with these posts girl! I swear I know what you are talking about with everything you post! It’s a little embarassing haha. And now I have the Under the Umbrella Tree theme song in my head!

  10. I loved Under the Umbrella Tree!!

    And I think I watched Blank Check about 421 times.

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