Happy Meal Toys are Making Kids FAT!!

Good morning to all and Happy Wednesday! (Next time I hear someone say “hump” day I’m going to pretend I have never heard anyone say it before, ha).

This morning I came across an article in New York Time Health that says Santa Clara County in CA has ruled to ban Happy Meal Toys from fast food restaurants. The direct quote is “What we’re trying to do is de-link the connection between unhealthy food and toys, why would a kid say ‘I want a burger with fries’? It’s the toys that they want.”

I could not agree with this decision LESS, as a matter of fact I find this idea just silly. I agree with Joey who was quoted this morning as saying “oh good, let’s not deal with the real issue here, the food.”

I mean I get the concept of this idea, but the sad thing is kids, especially heavier children who have been indoctrinated to this type of food, DO want the burgers and fries. I ate fast food growing up (on occasions, my parents didn’t let us have it all the time) but we led healthy lifestyles that consisted of a lot of PLAY.  The food and the activity levels of children is the issue, NOT the advertising/toys.

What do you guys think? Will this help at all??


6 Responses

  1. I am not sure what I think because when I was a kid I could have cared less about the burger and fries…I wanted the toy. I used to say I wanted a happy meal but then I would completely ignore the food and just get the toy. That would obviously make my parents mad. So I think I agree with this article that sometimes the child only wants the toy and they eat the food to not get in trouble.

  2. I think it will help a little- I don’t think as a child I every really loved my chicken mcnuggets, but I’d eat them if they came with the Barbie figurine!

    I think, overall, there needs to be a change in the way food is marketed to kids… cartoons and fun colors seem to go hand in hand with sugar and fat content… I did a marketing presentation on this (where I’ll admit- us marketers are the total bad guys in this situation) and some of the stuff I read was just awful!

  3. I think both are a little bit of the problem. I mean, I LOVED getting the toys – but I did really like my McNuggets too.

  4. I heard about that as well adn was thinking the SAME thing. I think some kids like the toys and it makes them want to get the food more regularly, BUT that is still not the issue nor the majority in this situation. Kids like the crap because they don’t know better. They don’t know healthy food can taste good and that its enjoyable. There are much bigger things the government should be putting their money into to help with childhood obesity.

  5. A national poll conducted by MediaCurves.com among 301 viewers of a video clip highlighting potential government regulation of toys in fast-food kids’ meals found that majority of parents (82%) reported that the U.S. government should not regulate toys in fast-food kids’ meals. In addition, the majority of parents (77%) indicated that child obesity rates would stay the same if toys were banned from fast-food restaurant meals. Further results can be seen at: http://www.mediacurves.com/NationalMediaFocus/J7792-FastFoodKidsMeals/Index.cfm

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