Yolks Have Feelings Too!

Morning everyone! Hope everyone’s Tuesday is starting out well.  Mine is going pretty well so far! Just wanted to do a quick blog about my breakfast.  I have been pretty consistently eating oats for months now, and not that I don’t love my oats, but I hate getting into eating ruts. I am putting forth the effort to have different foods for different meals, I can tell my body just likes when I do this, keeps my body on it’s toes! 🙂

I saw a variation of this recipe in the current issue of Fitness (I get this magazine for free somehow) and don’t get me started on how photoshopped their covers usually are.I mean HELLO I watch Sex & the City and Miss Davis has a rockin body, but her hips are NOT this size.

Anyways here’s the recipe rundown.

Broccoli Egg Scramble

Ingredients: 2 eggs & 1 cup broccoli

Heat broccoli in a pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray for about 2-3 minutes

Mix 2 eggs in a bowl (leave in the yolks ;-), jk only if you want!)

Pour eggs into pan and mix with broccoli

Completed meal: I added 1 nanner and 1 plain Nature's Path organic waffle with fig. Had some iced coffee too!

This recipe got me thinking about eggs and how most bloggers I feel try to eat eggs whites and are really hurting the yolks feelings! I did a little research and found out that although there is elevated cholesterol in the yolks, that is where most of the protein and nutrients in the eggs are! Also HERE is a link to a little info about egg whites from Trading up Downtown, a site Carrots N Cake writes on.  Overall, I think unless you have cholesterol issues or are eating a large amount of eggs in your diet, eating the yolks isn’t gonna hurt ya!

Also, I got like I said I got this recipe from Fitness. It was in this section about Breakfasts under 300 calories. OF COURSE I had to add other foods to my egg scramble because if I ate under 300 cals for my whole meal I would be hungry by 10! I try to keep my breakfasts between 400-500 cals (guesstimate here).  I typically try to have all meals around that size, eating any meals that are exceptionally larger than the others just doesn’t work for me.

Do you guys like big or small breakfasts? And have you been hurting the yolks feelings lately?

17 Responses

  1. I love the big breakfasts- by far my biggest calorie intake of the day. Weird probably, but it works…

    And I love the entire egg. Because I did the reading on it too- and I read that the whole egg is one of the best things you can eat because of everything in it- just limit yourself to how many you eat… (I think the particular article I read said 6 a week is a good max).

    And hips? I see no hips in that picture… ha ha. I love her body, too- even with the erased hips she has.

  2. I tend to eat more as the day goes on…usually breakfast is when I am the least hungry. Although I wish I could be the other way around!

    I totally agree…although I ADORE Kristen Davis…that is definitely an edited photo.

  3. i actually have that magazine in my lap right now! haha 🙂

  4. I eat breakfast after a good workout in the morning. I have a little bite before the workout, and a good size breakfast afterwards. Definitely not under 300 calories. I need more than that. Also, I eat the whole egg. Yolks are good for you. That looks like an awesome breakfast! I am thinking of doing breakfast for dinner tonight and that brocolli and egg scramble might make an appearance.
    PS: I love how real and honest your posts have been lately!

  5. I eat a bigger breakfast about 90 % of the time! If I dont, I am STARVING all day long.

    and yes, her hips are much smaller in the pic! its a shame bc I always liked her hips on SATC!

  6. I try to never hurt the yolk’s feelings! It’s my favorite part!

    If I don’t eat the yolks, I cook em’ up for my dogs….that way, we’re all happy 🙂

    Fitness covers are SOO photoshopped! but it’s like BAD photoshopping, it looks so fake.

  7. i like medium/big breakfasts! def have to eat bigger during the first half of the day so i dont crash later on!

    awe and i love the anme of this post!! hehe

    xoxo ❤

  8. I have been hurting the egg yolks feelings lately 😦 I don’t know why but I much prefer egg whites, its more of a taste thing to me rather than the amount calories. I try to keep my breakfasts at around 400 calories, enough to keep me full for lunch.

  9. Oh, i try not to discriminate against my eggs!! I usually go for the egg + egg white combo when ordering omletes out, anyways 🙂 I just like the fluff egg whites bring…but the whole eggs definitely add their benefits too!

    That breakfast sounds fab, I’m totally getting back into waffles this summer once I have access to a freezer again! Yessssssss!

    Ps, photoshopping makes me sad. Kristin Davis is a hot mama but agreed, she doesn’t look like that–nor should she want to! Holla to the Sex & The City! Sooo amped for the movie!

  10. I used to be anti-yolk, but now I try to eat at least one. There’s so much goodness in there.

  11. I got so sick of egg whites that I just started using my yolks again. Poor little guys get such a bad rep from bloggers. And they aren’t THAT bad for ya! I just compensate later in the day 🙂

  12. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by jilljub310. jilljub310 said: Yolks have feelings too! https://quarterlifewellness.wordpress.com/2010/04/27/yolks-have-feelings-too/ […]

  13. I have recently starting having whole eggs when I do eat eggs and I love it. I agree that if you aren’t eating a ton of them, its perfectly fine to keep the yolk.

    And I know I need to work on mixing up my meals too. I just love my normal foods its easier not to worry about making something different every meal.

  14. I love big (ish) breakfasts. Im also all about eating the whole egg. I read up on them too! Plus, it seems like such a waste to me to only eat the whites.

  15. I love big breakfasts! During the week, though, my breakfast tends to be much smaller! If I wouldn’t hit snooze so many times, I’d be able to focus more on eating better breakfasts! When I do eat eggs…I eat the whole thing!

  16. You are so right about the size of Kristen’s hips! They made her look like she’s in her 20’s. In real life she’s at least in her 40’s! What is so wrong with looking your age?

  17. When I think of all the wasted yolks in blogland it makes me want to cry. I wish there was some way people could send me their yolks, as weird as that sounds. Yolks are delicious and nutritious and my belly say hells yeah!

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