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Good evening to all! Hope everyone had a happy and successful Tuesday! I had class, worked out, and read a BUNCH in my Twenties Girl book (I’ll prolly finish tomorrow or the next day and it’s 430 pages!) Even when I’m not that busy, which I’m not now since I finished my paper and presentations, I like to have a set schedule of things for my day. I REALLY hate just sitting around all day, it drives me crazy. So, I set small goals like “read this many pages today” I’m a nerd I know 😉

At the gym today I did 60 min on the treadmill. I have been trying to incorporate a little bit of interval back into my life.

First 30 (running):

Minutes Speed
0-5 6
5-10 6.2
10-15 6.4
15-20 6
20-25 6.2
25-30 6.4

Second 30 (walking, all at speed 4):

Minutes Incline
0-2.5 0
2.5-5 2
5-7.5 4
7.5-10 6
10-12.5 8
12.5-15 10
15-17.5 10
17.5-20 8
20-22.5 6
22.5-25 4
25-27.5 2
27.5-30 0

When I was at the gym I was watching The Doctors. I honestly don’t like this show, I find it a little slow and boring, but there was seriously NOTHING on. I was lucky I watched it today though, because Dr. Stork (who I found out was on the Bachelor when I googled him) was hawking his new book “The Doctor is In” can you say cheesy?? Ha. Well he did talk about something I thought was REALLY cool. When you are preparing/about to eat a meal ask yourself 4 questions:

  1. Is it delicious?
  2. Is it healthy?
  3. How will I feel 30 minutes after I eat this?
  4. If I ate these types meals for 10 years, what would I be like?

I LOVE how he incorporates healthy and delicious together! Unfortunately, a lot of people think eating “healthy” is not going to be fun, when, in fact, since eating better I have eaten the best foods of my life!! And I cooked a lot of them!! I just thought this was a really cool message and a neat way to think about how you eat.

It's a shame he's not very good looking....... 😉

Watching an ESPN documentary tonight called Run Ricky Run and checking out Idol on the commercials! Are you guys watching the Hills tonight? That show is too much for me, I wanna watch high school kids, bring back Laguna Beach! hahaha.

4 Responses

  1. I think he is so cute! I have the biggest crush on him! Those are really good rules to live by. Especially the last one! Nice work on the 60 minute treadmill session!

  2. i know so many people with crushes on travis stork too haha. he’s the only one i like listening to on ‘the doctors’.. but im into dr.oz more.. although i need to be choosing someone closer to my age i assume. 😛

    but on a side note those 4 questions are important and theyre actually fun to do before a meal… especially the one about what u would look like if these were ur only meals. id be bright orange like ma sweet potatoes. tehee ❤ xox

  3. He’s super cute! 🙂

    I like the message he was sending….I need to focus on the question that deals with how I am going to feel 30 minutes later. I tend to forget that and then over eat or eat something that is terrible for me and I end up feeling miserable!

    I’m going to have to try your treadmill workout! It looks like a good one!

  4. thanks for sharing! those are GREAT questions!

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