Treat Yourself

Hello again! Hope everyone is having a fab Sunday! Just wanted to share a quick blog.

So the weather here has sucked lately and the ambiguity of the future (don’t worry Joey and I are moving SOMEWHERE together) has been weighing on me lately. Although I am more than happy to be pretty much done with grad school, I can’t help but feeling a little down sometimes. Since I have been doing excellent the past week &  1/2 on my new goal of stop biting my nails, I thought I would cheer myself up and treat myself to a mani/pedi. But, since I am on a budget, I thought I would bring down the price by picking up some new polish and doing it myself!

First I stopped by my local Sally Beauty Supply and at the advice of BeautyGala decided to check out some China Glaze polish. Sally had a buy 2 get 1 free sale on polish so I picked up these beauties! (I got all three for $12.99!)This picture doesn’t do them justice, they are neon, vibrant, and VERY summer!!

So I painted the nails

Nubby pink nails on top of my new Sophie Kinsella book, Twenties Girl

and the tosies

I have fugly tiny toenails , I apologize

And then posed with another young lady getting her nails done 😉Obviously, after my spirits where MUCH lifted!! Even though I am not that good at painting my nails, it was def a fun activity for a cloudy Sunday. And it gives me something to improve on 🙂 Also, I am MUCH less likely to bite my nails when they are painted. Thanks for the advice D’A (one of my besties).

What do you guys do to pamper yourself on a budget?


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  2. I just painted my nails too! We so alike. AND, what is that shirt in your pictures? Cause I think I have it…

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Cute toes…what a fun summer color! Don’t worry….I know everything is going to work out for you!!!

  4. Don’t you just love having those little “at-home spa days?” I love putting on a biore nose strip, a green facial mask, and painting my nails. So girly, but that’s me!! Glad it cheered you up to paint your nails. Everything will work out just fine for you!! 🙂

  5. i have the bronze colored one!!! i actually really like this company.. no complaints 😀 the colors are SO beautiful tho- i agree!!! i prolly change my nail color more than my underwear… ha

    • Haha, I still have a problem with chipping nails (even though I put a topcoat on). This is because even though I am not BITING my nails, I still find myself picking at them a lot. So I have to redo them a lot! ha.

  6. Love the colors! That’s exactly what I do when I need a little pampering at home!

    Everything will work out for you! It’s hard to not know how things are going to go, but in the end, everything will be great!!

  7. I bite my nails too!! I have been trying to stop so I can get a mani for my graduation but it is not going too well 😦 With the stress of finals I couldn’t control it!!! I am going to try painting them.

  8. Those colors are adorable!

    And pampering myself comes in the form of pedicures, too. 😉

  9. Hah, I don’t do much to pamper myself on a budget! I probably should though….

  10. I love the nails! Very pretty colors. I don’t ever pay for mani/pedis either and just do them myself. I need to pick up some new polish though.

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