It’s Way Back When Wednesday!!

Morning everyone!! Hope you all had a great Tuesday. I am pretty busy here finishing up my final paper, blah! Yesterday’s eats were nothing to write home about, just a lot of leftovers, and a sweet potato with black bean refried beans and some melted goat cheese, that was pretty divine (sorry no pic).  Well on to the good stuff!! It’s an excellent assortment of WBW Wednesday if I do say so myself!!

Way Back When Toy:
Crocodile Mile slip and slide!! Oh how I miss those fun summer days!

Way Back When Music:

Ok, so not really a song, but musically inclined anyways! The dancing baby from Ally McBeal!! Man, I got so many videos on AOL of putting this baby to different songs. This was one of the first viral videos I think.

Way Back When Clothing/Accessories:

Freak an A’ I cannot find a picture of a storefront of Structure clothing store. Remember when it was Structure instead of Express Men? I remember helping my high school boyfriend shop there! ha. I don’t think it was as “flashy” as Express Men can be.

Way Back When Crush:JT from Step By Step! Or Brandon Call, but no one but me remembers his real name. Don’t worry I know there was a little dispute between ladies on Step By Step and some preferred….The Code-man 😉

Way Back When TV Show:

The Adventures of David the Gnome. Oh how I loved this show. Nickelodeon used to rock.

Way Back When Movie:Of course Home Alone is one everyone remembers, but it’s def a classic. And if you were lucky (I wasn’t) you convinced your parents to get you aTalkboy/Talkgirl. Thanks for nothing mom!! haha. I did however get the knock offYak Bak! I think mine was on a pen though.

Way Back When Food:Squeeze it’s!! I used to feel so cool when I would occasionally get these in my lunch. The squeezey bottle was just bomb 🙂

Way Back When Book:

So I had to add a category today because I randomly thought of a book series my sister and I used to read all the time.

Boxcar Children. There were like a million of these books and we had a ton of them. Weren’t they about orphan kids or something? I don’t fully remember.

Well that’s it from here. I hope everyone enjoyed this addition of Way Back When Wednesday!! Have a great day!!

Oh and something exciting is happening later! I’ll be sure to fill you in 🙂


21 Responses

  1. I loved Ally McBeal-great show! I also wanted to live like a Boxcar kid for awhile. (Posting this post to my facebook page because it makes me laugh)

  2. I loved The Boxcar children!!!

  3. Hahaa I’m pretty sure we’re the same age because every single one of those things got me really excited haha. Thanks for making me think of them 🙂

  4. I got the Yak Bak instead of the Talk girl, too! A full 20 seconds or something is all it would record! Lame! ha ha

  5. How do you remember all these glorious things. I remember and love all those things! Crocodile Mile! David the Gnome! Talkgirl! Yakbak! Boxcar Children! I loved it all!

  6. I loved those juices! There are so many juice boxes that my parents use to buy for me. I wouldn’t enjoy them as much now, but I adored them when I was little. I really love these posts, Jill! Since we are the same age, I remember everything you bring up and it makes me feel very nostalgic!

  7. Step by Step was such a good show! It’s still on sometimes in the mornings which is nice 🙂

  8. It’s amazing all of the things I forgot about but then you remember them to bring it all back!

  9. Squeeze Its! I was trying to remember the name of these the other day. My mom used to get us the green ones. Do they still make them? I wonder..

  10. oh my gosh! did you know the code man from step by step was arrested for beating his wife? Horrible!

    I loved David the Knome, squeeze its and boxcar children! Iread them all!

  11. I LOVED David the Gnome!!!

  12. Hahahaha, these way back posts always make me giggle!! I totally forgot about all of this stuff!! LOVED boxcar children books!! And I was all about those nickelodeon shows too!! And slip slide – but the darn things never lasted more than 1 or 2 times before they got a rip!

  13. Love way back Wednesday!!!!!!!

    I got my package today!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much again!!!!! Yay for all the amazing stuff!! U rock!!!!!!!!!! I posted it on my blog!!!

    love ya girl!!!! xoxo

  14. OMG I love it! Squeeze it’s used to be my favorite drink EVER!

  15. It is SO obvious we are both the same age..every single thing you put up there I was like “uh huh..yep” I loved it all! (especially the squeeze it..I can’t believe my mom let me drink that!) This was a great post haha!

  16. OH MY GOODNESS!!! So many things that I can’t believe I forgot about.! David the Gnome….LOVED it! I still love a good Step By Step re-run, and Squeez-It’s were like the coolest thing ever!

  17. Ahh!! I love Home Alone one of my favorite movies of all time!! I use to be addicted to those squeeze-its, soo much sugar and artificial ingredients, glad those days are over, haha! I always love your wayback wednesdays, always brings fun memories back 🙂

  18. Oh I am SO glad you found my blog and told me to check this out!!

    Crocodile Mile was the coolest thing ever. We didnt have it of course, but the neighbors did and it made them so much cooler!!

    I totally had a Yak Bak! I remember everyone would bring them to school. lol our poor teachers.

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