3 More Weeks!!

Hey all!! OMG I just realized I seriously have THREE weeks left of grad school left!! The best part is I present some stuff this week and then turn in my final paper (which is over 100 pages) a week from Monday, and then I’m DONE with school work!!!! HOLLA!!! That being said, this week is gonna be pretty hectic, but I can def get through it by thinking about how close to the end I am.  I did school work all day today and then went to Joey’s for dinner so heres just a little photo rundown of some eats and such.

New Trader Joes coffee. It's EXCELLENT iced.

We got new protein, all natural vanilla! I got really juiced just looking at it and punched it in. Ok it really came in the mail like that. Ha

Me wearing my hair down for the first time in 2 weeks last night. It deserved a photo 🙂

We went clubbing on Sat night; Sam's club counts right?!? 9 nanners for $1.44, I almost pooped my pants from excitement.

New books!! Sam's has great book prices! Can you tell which one is mine?

Joey made a wonderful Indian dinner! Shrimp and veggies over jasmine rice with a red curry sauce.

Dessert bought at farmer's market, cupcaksicles

It was the most INSANELY moist carrot cake on the inside and the outside icing was like those iced animal crackers. This rocked my face off. CAKE-GASM!!!

Mega grapes from Sam's + Joey's hand for an artistic touch

1 lb. goat cheese for $6. CRAZY!!

Noodle was bored by the purchase.

Had a breakfast cookie this morning, bringing back an oldie but a goodie!

On a walk with Noodle today. New Cardinal red leash! Don't tell her I put up a pic of her peeing please, she'll be pissed

My plate for dinner: potato, peppers and onion tacos with salsa and queso fresco

Joey's plate: same as mine plus chirizo and avocado

Well that’s it from me tonight! Hope you enjoyed the pics. Also thought of the evening…possibly incorporating some meat into my diet this summer. Hmmmm, something to think about, although I think I will always be mostly veggie, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with some good….BBQ possibly 🙂


31 Responses

  1. Holy cow that’s alot of protein! I’d be all jazzed, too! 😉

    And I want to read Twenties Girl… I’ve heard it’s good! I’ve added it to the list…

  2. hahaha. don’t tell her i posted a picture of her peeing, she’ll be “pissed”

  3. Goodies Galore and I have 3 weeks left of grad school too! Whoo hoo!!

  4. cupcakesicle?? bring that to meeeee

  5. Congrats on almost making it through Grad School! What an amazing accomplishment that will be!

    Noodle may not be very impressed with your purchase, but I am 😀

    Oh, and I am super jealous of that delicious looking cupcaksiscle.

  6. I pretty much the exact same things at Sams Club. My hubby and I make it a Sunday morning date to shop at Sams. Cool, I know.

    P.S. Congrats on only 3 weeks left!

  7. You are beyond adorable Jill!

  8. maybe we can have some bbq together, in TEXAS. 🙂

  9. I love your juiced picture, haha!! 3 more weeks, congrats girl you almost there!!! You look super cute with your hair down 😉

  10. Haha! This post cracked me up. I love your “punched” protein powder. Roar! 😉

    Also, the book “Twenties Girl” is REALLY cute. Those cupcake pop things look amazing. I have never seen something like that.

  11. I was in your shoes last year…graduating from grad school! It’s soo exciting! I bet you can’t wait! 🙂

    Your meals look so good!

    Nothin’ wrong with some meat in the diet…I was a veg. for a few years and slowly added back in meat (I didnt feel well on my veg. diet)…I feel much better these days. I also still go days without eating meat…but I like having options!

  12. haha, I swear I was in Sam’s yesterday thinking the same thing about the $6/lb goat cheese! I didn’t buy any this weekend though since I convinced myself I didn’t really need it.

    I will have to look for that coffee – I love Sumatra and TJ’s! We like their Bali Blend a lot.

  13. That is a LOT of protein powder!!!

    Your hair is so cute! I love it down.

  14. That cake looks awesome!! Yay for almost being done grad school- what a relief! 🙂

  15. How exciting that you are almost done with grad school!! I’ve been wanting to read the omnivore’s dilemma for quite some time now. Let us know what you think about it.

    Dude, I love the photo of you with the goat cheese… my kinda girl 🙂 I truly believe that I lived in India in my past life.. I am obsessed with a good curry. Enjoy your day! xoxo

  16. 3 weeks left of grad school, omg how exciting! I still have ~2 years left of school. boo!

    that protein picture literally made me laugh out loud, I felt like such a loser haha.

    Love love warehouses that sell in bulk.

  17. your hair looks GREAT down! what is your masters gonn abe in?

  18. your hair looks GREAT down! what is your masters gonn abe in?

  19. Congratulations!!!!!!! I’m finishing grad school too!!! Yay!!!

  20. You are soooooo pretty!! Your hair looks fabulous! 😉

    All of your eats look great, but ohmahgod that cupcaksicle looks AMAZING!! I want one NOW!! 😉

  21. Yay for three weeks left!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

    I LOVE the pic of you and the protein powder, too funny!! Is that your fave kind? Im trying to find a new one to try!!!!!!!!!!

    You are so beautiful girl, always looking great!!!!

    xoxo Have a great week!!!!!!

  22. Congrats on only having three weeks left of grad school! What an accomplishment!

    I’m jealous of your cupcakesickle. It looks very yummy!

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