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Good morning to all! So, I can’t sleep this morning, awesome, and I don’t feel like fully getting out of bed yet, so I thought I would write a quick post on a product I have seen around lately.

McCormick Recipe Inspirations

They are these cool little sheets that have 6 types of herbs and spices on them to go with a recipe, located on the back on the sheet.  For instance, this one is for shrimp and pasta primavera and includes: onion, garlic, dill weed, black pepper and thyme.  When I initially saw these I was like GENIUS, because spices are so expensive and especially when you need a random spice for a recipe, you may have to buy a whole container for $4-5 and only use it once. Since they tend to overcharge for spices, I assumed this would be too, but I saw in the local Belleville paper that these things are only $1.99!

I know of course there are faults because what if you don’t want to make that exact recipe or what not, but I think all in all it’s a pretty cool product. It also lends its hand to novice cooks, because I think it makes spices less intimidating since it outlines for you how much to use and easily puts those things right at the tips of your fingers.

On a little side note, if you are lucky enough to have some kind of natural food market in your area, they typically have spices that you can purchase very small quantities of, which is awesome for those recipes that call for a spice you know you will never use again. Or, for instance, I am doing a recipe tonight that calls for a bay leaf (those things are expensive jarred), but at Mama Jeans I was able to pick out 1 and they are sold by the ounce, it was .2 ounces equaling 2 cents!!! SUPER awesome, because the smallest container of them that they had was $6!

What are you guys thoughts on these little spice sheets?

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  2. I think these things are so great! I always want to try recipes but they call for so many spices that I never have on hand, so I’ll forget about them. And if I do buy the spices, the fresh ones, they go bad before I could ever use the whole amount! I bet I would love to try these! Thanks for the review!!

    Have a lovely day!!

  3. I think these things look so cool too. Wouldn’t it be just perfection if they included all the food you needed in their portion sizes too?! haha maybe I’m asking for to much but people like me would buy it!

  4. I saw these the other day and thought it was a great idea. Although I tend to have a ton of spices on hand these would nice quick and easy (don’t have to think) ways to get a tasty meal on the table!

  5. i love to go to the spice aisle at whole foods and fill up the little bags. it’s so much more reasonable!

  6. MSG or not?

  7. ohh i like the idea of this!!!

  8. I’ve never heard of this, but I love the idea. Sounds like a lot of fun!! Brilliant!!

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