Working on My Fitness

Heya everyone! Hope everyone’s Thursday went well! Mine was super busy. I just made a NEW VLOG, but to supplement, I wanted to share a few things.

Those who have followed my blog for awhile know that I used to lift weights a lot more, and that kind of went by the weigh-side for some reason; you know just one of those things! Well I decided to pick up the pace and make more time to lift. Yesterday was my first day back in the gym in awhile and I thought I would share what went down.

First I started with a 15 min elliptical interval warmup.

For “lifting” I did a 9 exercise circuit twice through, 20 reps for each exercise. Now, back in the day I used to be able to do these 3 times through, but I wanted to make sure I could walk today, so I went for 2 run throughs 🙂 I know it’s been awhile, but for more information on these exercises, just pop over to the exercise tab! I try to make my workouts hard, but they can be contoured for any level.

My thought process for my workouts is that since I only plan to lift twice a week, I just like to do whole body each day. So, a few exercises for arms and legs, and then separate torture time for tummy 😉

1) Side Lateral Raises

2) Squat and Overhead Press

3) Bench Press with Free Weights

4) Overhead Tricep Dips

5) Middle Squats with Weights

6) Inclined Bench Press with Free Weights

7) Bicep Curls While on Seated Bench

8 ) One Leg Squat (How funny is it that if I leave the “8” and the “)” too close together it makes that damn smiley face wearing sunglasses!!! ha)

9) Bent Over Rows

Intense 9-min Tummy Workout:

1 min middle plank with straight arms

1 min middle plank on forearms

1 min side plank – left

1 min side plank – right

60 middle crunches

60 bicycle crunches

60 side crunches with knees on the ground pointed to the left

60 crunches with knees on the ground pointed to the right

60 lift ups on tummy

Same concept, I was just on the ground lifting up

Well that’s it from me tonight! Test tomorrow at 1, wish me luck!!!

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  1. I used to hate planks… now I think they’re one of my favorites!

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