WBW Wednesday

Hey all! Hope everyone’s Wed. is going well! Mine was GREAT because class was cancelled! HOLLA!!! That is why I have been able to blog so much today; it’s been wonderful. I got a good gym workout in also, but more on that in a post I’ll do tomorrow about my workouts this week.

Now on to my favorite post of the week! Kelly commented wondering how I can remember all this stuff, and really I’m an idiot savant in useless pop culture knowledge. HA!

Way Back When Toy:

Tiger handheld games!! I looked all over the net for a picture of my favorite, Beauty and the Beast, but I also had this Aladdin one. These things were bomb!

Way Back When Music:

Real McCoy, another night another dream, but always you. I think this was on Now That’s What I Call Dance Music 1, which I had, and now they are on like #10000 of those CD’s. I’m old.

Way Back When Clothing/Accessories:

Lisa Frank! So I know this is a trapper keeper, but I know there were like a million Lisa Frank accessories back in the day. I think this is probably the girliest stuff I have ever liked. haha

Way Back When Crush:

Rider Strong, aka Shawn Hunter. He’s not as cute as I remember. haha. But when he put his hands through that beautiful shaggy hair, I melted!! And now that I look at it, he has a pretty dirty name!

Way Back When TV Show:

Dinosaurs!! Not the mama!! This show was an excellent part of TGIF back in the day.

Way Back When Movie:

Kazam!! So, this movie was terrible, but I went through a very weird Shaq stage when I was in 5th grade, I mean FOR REAL. Complete with jerseys and warm up gear. I was a weird kid.

Way Back When Food:

Kid Cuisine!! I would beg my mama to let us get these!! Overall they were pretty nasty, but I freaking loved them for unknown reasons.

Well that’s it from me here! Tonight Joey and I will be hanging (he hasn’t seen Noodle yet!!) and watching the 200th episode of Southpark. Sweet life I know šŸ˜‰ What’s everyone else’s plans for tonight?

8 Responses

  1. I loved Real McCoy!! I have such fun memories thinking about singing that entire CD at the top of my tone deaf lungs!! haha!

    I also remember Kids Cuisine…although my parents would never buy them! haha! I used to have to beg…and yet the answer was always no! Now I think how awesome that was of my parents to stand their ground even when I threw a tantrum!

  2. SHAWN HUNTER!!!! hahhaha yessssss
    i looooove these posts!


  3. I had the Aladdin one- it got me through many long rides in the car!

    And I LOVED Real McCoy!!!!

  4. I was such a fan of Lisa Frank! I had an entire collection – from the pencils to the pencil holder, trapper keeper, notebooks, folders, diaries, stickers, haha! šŸ˜‰ I felt like such a cool kid! šŸ˜‰

  5. I seriously LOVE these posts. It is so fun to remember all of these cool things. And I miss Boy Meets World! My sister and I were just talking about how we wish they still had reruns.

  6. I am pretty sure I owned Kazzam on VHS at one point in my life.

  7. aww, man, those are some great flashbacks!! I loved the “Dinasaurs”!

  8. oh my gosh. kids cuisines, loved those things. they look like cardboard now.

    handheld games–check. had one and it was attached to me for a while before i lost interest.

    Kazaam–totally remember it!

    and Lisa Frank–still have some stationery! haha

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