My First Giveaway!

Hello all!! Hope you all had a great day. Mine was awesome, but more on that tomorrow.

In honor of Easter and the beginning of summer I thought I would have a little give away! There are two sections of the package, but it’s all just one giveaway.

The first part:

Breakfast Treats: Chocolate Raspberry Joe coffee & Frosted Blueberry Organic PopTarts

Part two:

Celebration of Summer: 2 All Natural Cocktail Mixes, 2 Marg Glasses, a Fun Notepad, & Coldstone Truffles

3 ways to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this entry telling me your favorite summer cocktail
  • Leave a comment on this entry telling me your favorite brand/flavor of coffee
  • Link this entry on your blog to spread the word and leave a comment telling me that you did that!

You have until Sunday at Midnight to enter!!!

    So just as a recap:

    The Full Package

    • Chocolate Raspberry Joe Brand Coffee (Had to give my man a name drop!! ha)
    • Coldstone Truffles (PB & Coffee flavored)
    • 2 Margarita Glasses
    • 2 All Natural Cocktail Mixes (Key Lime Margarita & Minty-Lime Mojito)
    • Frosted Blueberry Organic PopTarts
    • Fun Gin & Tonic inspired notepad & magnet

    Yay for giveaways and yay for Friday!!!! πŸ™‚


    57 Responses

    1. favorite summer cocktail—margarita!!

    2. unfortunately, I dont do coffee—cant answer it! but i love the way it smells! PS–im most excited about the pop tarts! YUM!

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    4. and i linked you back!

    5. My favorite summer time cocktail is either a malibu and diet coke or a pina colada!!

    6. My favorite coffee is Starbucks!! I love Vanilla latte’s!!

    7. I like Columbian coffee. I love the grocery store aisle that carries the coffee—- it smells sooooo good!

    8. A margarita– hold the salt!

    9. I am horrible at making coffee at home even though I love trying. My favorite till I get better at it is Cafe Avanti’s Chocolate Cherry Mocha. My favorite summer cocktail would have to be a margarita. I like all flavors of margarita, but at the moment peach is sticking out in my head. Now that is all I’m going to think about while stuck inside working on this beautiful day…laying outside drinking a peach margarita.

    10. I am a daquari girl, strawberry or peach.

    11. As for coffee, I have never liked it. My husband however likes an organic coffee that is called Breakfast blend from Prina Cafe. We get it through the OKlahoma Food coop.

    12. My favorite summer cocktail is a simple ice cold Bud Light. It’s nothing special, but it sure tastes good on a hot summer day!

    13. What a fab giveaway! I am all about trying these cocktail mixes (all-natural, so I don’t have to feel as guilty, right?!) and that coffee and the truffles sound divine. I think my favorite summer cocktail is a prickly pear margarita πŸ™‚

    14. And I’d have to say my favorite coffee right now is TJ’s Bali Blend – love the earthy Indonesian types and this one has a slight hint of chocolate.

      I think if I’m lucky enough to get my hands on this choco-raz Joe, I’ll use it for iced coffee and sweeten with some chocolate stevia drops πŸ™‚

    15. And finally – I mentioned this on my blog and linked you πŸ™‚

    16. Hi there — Thanks for the chance to win! I love a good wine spritzer or a frozen daquiri in the summer. Enjoy!

    17. What a fun giveaway! I love mojitoes! They remind me of college when my best friends and I would make them all the time! They taste so good!!

    18. A mango margarita sounds like heaven right now. That would have to be my favorite cocktail. Or a strawberry one. Thank god it’s Friday. I need a drink.

    19. mmmmm…favorite coffee is 100% pure Kona coffee from Hawaii (and preferably enjoyed IN Hawaii!) it’s so smooth and sweet, you don’t need to add anything!

    20. any kind of margarita sounds great, although mojitos are fabulous in the summer too! πŸ™‚

    21. Favorite summer cocktail is sangria!!!!!!!!!!

    22. Favortie Coffee flavor is Pumpkin Spice!!!!

    23. My favorite summer cocktail is a mojito – so refreshing! Yum πŸ™‚

    24. My favorite coffee flavor is hazelnut. Mmm πŸ™‚

    25. I also adore sangria but I have to squeeze a whole lemon into mine!

    26. My favorite coffee would have to be french vanilla.

    27. Ooh ooh! Great giveaway! I’m a mojito girl all the way. They smell amazing!

    28. My favorite drink is a blended Strawberry Margarita

    29. My favorite type coffee drink is “girly drinks” as my husband calls them. Lattes, etc. Starbucks is best.

    30. I posted your contest on my Blog

    31. I love Firefly iced tea vodka in the summer. SO yummy!

    32. My favorite coffee is hazelnut. I could really eat anything hazelnut though πŸ™‚

    33. My favorite summer cocktail is a gin and tonic. I know, I’m boring. But it’s yummy.

    34. My current favorite coffee is Archer Farms from Target! I have the maple vanilla right now and it is pretty incredible.

    35. Oh how fun!! Love this giveaway!! My favorite cocktail is a frozen watermelon margarita!! πŸ™‚

    36. I don’t like coffee, but I sure love the way it smells!! πŸ™‚

    37. Love the giveaway! My favorite summer drink is a GREEN SMOOTHIE! πŸ˜‰

    38. …and my favorite coffee grower is Peace Coffee! i loveee a medium or bold roast! with a splash of soy creamer!

    39. Great idea for a contest! Have always loved your Twitter updates and now you’re throwing contests….you’re 2X awesome now in my book.

      Well, cocktails….. although I prefer a more manly name…I will name one of my favs…

      The Margaveza Daddy’s:

      Twelve-ounce bottle of Sol (Mexican Beer)
      Poured into a pint glass
      Topped with four ounces of frozen margarita
      and garnished with a lime.


      Charming + awesome= Chawesomeness

      This delivers. Enjoy! You’re welcome America.

    40. Coffee….

      Now I’m a Skinny Vanilla Latte Venti fan 100%….

      But, when I’m being for real…and cheap…and I want good flavor…and quick….I know it sounds gross….but give it a try:

      Taster’s Choice Original Instant Coffee.

      Don’t hate it….I thought the same thing. Rock it on the tongue for a bit then give me your rating. Now, don’t add to much….follow the directions and the right amounts THEN give me your thoughts.

      You’re welcome America.


    41. My favorite summer coctail is margarita.

    42. Favorite coffee flavor is truffle πŸ™‚

    43. What a fun giveaway! My favorite coffee flavor is probably hazelnut. Although, if it’s fancy coffee I say pumpkin lattes! πŸ˜€

    44. And there is no better summer cocktail than a margarita!

    45. Favorite Drink is Pina Colada and Margaritas

    46. I love margaritas in the summer. Especially enjoyed on bar patios.

    47. I love my strawberry daquri

    48. My fave coffee brand is Cains

    49. Kenya Coffee from Starbucks is my favorite coffee!
      HobartsMama {AT}

    50. My fave ‘cocktail’ in the summer is a nice spicy cesar!! or Bloody Mary in the US

    51. My fave coffee blend is anything with coconut or RASPBERRY!

    52. omg yay I LOVE THIS GIVEAWAY!! i know i’m underage- but whatever. I love sangrias!!

    53. and as for my favorite coffee? i tried a chocolate mint flavor from steep n brew that i adored & i also had a harry& david peanut butter chocolate version that was fantastic

      great giveaway love ❀

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