All Hail The Ginger People

Good evening! Hope everyone had a great Monday, or as great as a Monday can be. Mine was pretty good, filled with yoga, class, homework, and making dinner with Joey!

I’m feeling back to my normal self in yoga this week, thank goodness. One of the amazing things I find with yoga is I can go in in a blah mood and feeling down and out about myself (because of a range of things) but no fail, by the end of class I am always feeling confident in myself and my abilities! It’s a great feeling.

I also did good with my goals so far today, took Noodle on a walk (it was beautiful out today!) and had a cup of blueberry roobios (YUMMY!!). But, I did graze a little in some baked fruit even after I had a afternoon snack. My snack was filling and delicious too!

Kamut with a sliced nanner, almond milk and cinnamon

I think I have been grazing more because I’m bored!!! But I’m trying not to get too down on myself about it, considering I’m snacking on extras like fruits and nuts.

Now to dinner!! The best part of the day. Joey and I have been trying to make dinner together a few times a week and I am loving it. It’s really fun to have someone to eat dinner with (when I’m alone at dinner time it makes me miss the days of roomies!) Here’s a photo run-down of the meal.

Sesame ginger marinade, OMG this stuff is good!! Healthy Diva Eats knows what's up!!

I got a different kind of tofu from the asian market. It's delicious AND it is 4 slices for $1.45!!

2 slices of tofu sliced long-wise and marinating in The Ginger People sauce

Pan-frying the tofu on a caste iron. EVOO on the skillet and about 7 minutes on each side.

Buckwheat noodles (70% whole wheat/30% buckwheat) from the asian market. DELISH!

Veggie mix-in for the stir fry

Final product! It was seriously good.

This was my first experience with pan-frying tofu and I HIGHLY recommend it. The slight crunch on the outside is just awesome.

Now let’s back it up to a few other eats today:

New mix-in for breakfast oats

Whole wheat oats with almond butter and new mix-ins

Cameo apple. Tasted like a red delicious with a little tart kick, mama like.

New yogi with pecans and raisins. It was honey vanilla flavored. I liked it, but it was just honey flavored and I prefer the ones with real honey in them.

Well that’s it from me tonight! Feel free to leave any tips you use to curb grazing in the afternoon 🙂

**Random add-in. I have been meaning to tell you I had these a few weeks back, and they ROCK. OK now I’m really done 🙂

6 Responses

  1. To keep myself from snacking the day away, I drink lots of water. And if I do snack, I try to make it a piece of fruit.
    I also try to stay super busy, so my mind doesn’t wander to thinking about how awesome another snack would be! 🙂 But of course, if my tummy is growling, I go for it.

  2. I just picked up some tofu this weekend and I think I’m gonna prepare it just as you did. Looks great!!

    I also picked up one of those yogurts. Bummer that it’s just honey flavored… I’m like you, I like real honey in it!! 🙂

  3. Have you ever had the ginger chews by the Ginger People. Ah-maze-ing.

  4. ahhh I think I have been a victim of grazing when i am bored too!

    ahh animal crackers! haven’t had those in so long! theyre so tasty with PB!

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