No Sun-Sunday

Hello to all!! Sorry I have been so MIA from blogging and commenting on your blogs this weekend, I have been so busy enjoying my family here in STL. I have tried to keep up a little bit with you all in my iPhone Google Reader App πŸ˜‰ Sounds like all is well for everyone, and sending prayers to Tyler (your strength is inspiring, I cried a little thinking about making it through that spin class). Β Well I thought I would again give you a little photo recap of the weekend!!

First night we came home mama made her special Manacotti (my favorite food EVER, sorry no pics) and then we had a little B-Day party:

My wonderful birthday cake! I ate 3 of the 4 corners....I gave 1 to Joey πŸ™‚

Me and the cake

Before presents because we are goofy. How much does Joey look like Lloyd Christmas (Dumb & Dumber)?! haha

Pencil skirt!!

Work dress

The next day we went to TRADER JOES in STL (I didn’t even know there was one of those!!) and Whole Foods. It was divine as always. I got LOTS of goodies that I will share as I enjoy πŸ™‚

We also, most importantly got to hang out with James!

My nephew James, the cutest boy ever

Hanging with my little man

This is his powerwheels 4-wheeler, it is so awesome

The last main event of the weekend was a family birthday dinner! Again no pics of the food (sorry, I just don’t like whipping out my camera at restaurants).

Before the family birthday dinner

Me and my sake peach bomb!

Joey and I at dinner

The parentals and I

Me, brother-in-law John and sissy Katie (James parents!)

It was a FABULOUS night!

On a more TMI note, I must share one thing. I swear I get sick (horrible tummy aches) every single time I go out to eat. It doesn’t matter what I am eating, if I have alcohol or not, etc. I have been to the doctor multiple times over the years for my tummy aches and they just can’t figure out what’s up. Anyone else like this? Or have suggestions?? I would really appreciate any input.

Also, 1 review that I had to share:

The WORST bar I have ever tried to eat. I couldn't even finish it; that has never happened to me before

Well that’s it from me for now! I have to say bye to Joey in a bit (he’s still sleeping) as he goes back to Springfield and I stay to head to my conference tomorrow. I am really excited for my conference but I hate being away from Joey 😦 But I know it will be worth it to gain knowledge and make those connections! Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and I promise to catch up on everyone’s blogs today!!

14 Responses

  1. LOVE family b-day time. Looks like a blast!

  2. I love that you ate 3 of the 4 corners!! That is so totally something I’d do!! πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my gosh I think you might be the cutest thing I have ever seen!! I am so glad you had such a great birthday! You totally deserved it! And *woot* for the awesome pencil skirt!

  4. Oh my gosh that cake looks amazing! Cake is one of my favorite foods. Haha

    I have had that tummy problem before. For me, it was because I was eating so healthy at home. Then, I would go to a restaurant where even if the dish I was getting looked like a smart choice, there was still a lot of butter or other sneaky things that I didn’t use at home.

    There’s usually no way of knowing exactly what restaurants use to flavor your food, so it might be some extra fat that’s upsetting your tummy. I have found that if I go a long time without anything fried or heavy, then indulge in something heavy, I get SUPER sick. 😦

    I really hope this helps!

  5. Im so glad you had a good birthday!

    And there’s a iphone google reader app?! Oh no, I Gotta have it. Although, that would make my phone die even quicker than it already does haha!

  6. That cakes looks delicious! Sounds like you enjoyed it : )

    Glad you had a great birthday!! Love that new dress



  7. You LOVE your pencil skirts. Glad you were celebrated. You deserve it!

  8. Happy belated birthday πŸ˜€ It looks like you got some great stuff!

    haha you don’t like bumble bars? I’ve only tried the chocolate flavor and I thought it was tasty (but it WAS chocolate)!

  9. Thanks for the warning on those bars! Glad you had a great birthday and good luck at your conference this week ! It stinks being away from sig. others!

  10. You look so happy and absolutely beautiful in every picture!! I love your hair so much.
    I’m glad you had such a special birthday celebration! The cake really did it for me- so pretty and I bet it was delicious!
    Hmmm I wonder what could be making you sick when you go out to eat? I wish I had some answers my dear.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILL! yummy cake and I can only imagine what the mannicotti tasted like!

  12. Maybe the tummy issues stem from eating healthy 90% of the time and then restaurant food is more heavy than you are used to? Are you aware of any food allergies, ie wheat?

    I’m glad you had a wondeful birthday!

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