Birthday Pics!

Hello to all and thank you soooo much for the birthday wishes!! I had a wonderful day with Joey. Here is a little run-down of the day. We are heading back to STL shortly to see the family so I don’t have much time 🙂

At Alice, this pic turned out 3D-ish for some reason

Me with my cards

Joey's present. BLUE SPERRYS I LOVE THEM!!!


After presents

Dinner outfit

My handsome date and I

Me and my orange mojito

The grand finale!!!! BREAD PUDDING!!

Overall it was a glorious day!

Hope you guys had a great day too and yippee for being Thursday!!

So bread pudding is my all time favorite dessert (even though I have only had it twice), what’s your favorite dessert?


19 Responses

  1. Looks like the birthday was fun! Cute sperrys!

  2. i love bread pudding too! but i think key lime pie is my favorite. 🙂 glad you had such a good birthday

  3. You have such a gorgeous smile and you look so happy! The Sperry’s are very cute and that dress is very pretty, too! Glad you had a fun time.

  4. Cute dress! Glad you had a good birthday! And wasn’t Alice just awesome???

  5. Looks like you had a good time and you deserve it!

    Favorite dessert…that question is way to hard for me to answer. I love dessert!

  6. Oh happy birthday girl!!!!! Your b-day outfit is gorg!

  7. oh, and I definitely can’t pick a favorite dessert. Much too hard. 🙂

  8. I honestly don’t think I have ever had bread pudding. Must give that a try.

    I love your Sperrys!

  9. You are too freakin adorb. Stop it. Haha kid. What a great bday – Alice in wonderland, time with the boy, great prezzies, and bread pudding. Yup, sounds like a perfect day.

  10. Look out…hottie mama…coming through!!

  11. You are SO cute! I don’t know if I’ve seen an actual picture of you before… You are exactly how I pictured you haha! I am so glad you had an incredible birthday…

    When my husband and I were on vacation in New Orleans we had this double chocolate bread pudding. You had to order it before you ordered your main meal because it took 30 minutes to cook. It was unbelievable! It’s the only bread pudding I’ve ever had.

    My favorite dessert is tiramesu. It’s so fresh tasting. Gosh now you’ve got me craving it.

  12. New to your blog, hi! And Happy Belated Birthday! That orange mojito would be my choice! Mmmm! I’ve never had bread pudding, but cheesecake is a weakness of mine!

  13. Hands down apple pie! Though I do love a good chocolate chip cookie.

  14. lookin gorgeous! PS–your hair is adorable

  15. Girl you are working that dress! Looks like you had an awesome b-day date 🙂 Favorite desserts… is “everything” an option?? haha. Happy Friday!

  16. Such a cute dress!! And the orange mojito!! YUM

  17. I love love love sperry’s. I’ve never seen the blue ones before, though. They are super cute!

  18. Vegan, or regular carrot cake will always be my favorite dessert!!! I’m kinda obsessed with apple pie though too, since the apples are always so warm and cinnamon-y 🙂

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