Way Back When Wednesday, EXTRAS

Hello again!! Since it’s my birthday and WBWW are my favorite posts of the week I thought I would do some extras! So here goes, with some extra WBW’s in certain categories 🙂

Way Back When Music: With a hot singer like Jamie Walters and a ballad like “How Do You Talk To An Angel?” How could I resist this show/album. Actually I don’t remember the show at all, but I def remember Jamie and that song.

Way Back When Toy:

Nickelodeon Gak. This stuff was the bomb, even though it smelled a little. I even enjoyed it’s close cousin, Floam.

Popples!! I had a blue popple. I also believe I had a few book w/tape combo’s that were popples.

Way Back When Celebrity Crush: My FAVORITE celebrity crush of all time!! JTT baby. I was crazily obsessed with this boy for many a years. I can’t be the only one who sobbed like a baby when we thought he had throat cancer on Home Improvement!

Way Back When TV (changing it up today):

We run we jump we swim and plaaaaaayyy…… I LOVED this show. And two words Donkey-Lips. HOTTTIE. haha.

You are the Weakest Link!! I may or may not have attended a viewing party at a close friend of mine’s house (who may have just gotten into law school), and she dressed as Anne, the host 🙂

Way Back When Clothing/Accessories:

Ying Yang jewelry. All the kids these days are into peace signs, BORING.  I am bringing ying-yangs back, YEAH!!

Way Back When Eats:

This was THE summer time treat back in Maryland when I was little. Those were the days of sugar and no cares 😉

Well that’s it from me!! Hope you all enjoyed this WBWW and have a wonderful day!! 🙂

18 Responses

  1. Um, yeah I was equally obsessed with JTT. I even wrote him quite the letter…but never got the guts to send it. haha!

  2. Popples! I had 2 Popples! I loved them so much. And I loved the Flinstones push-up pops. Yum. I was never a huge fan of JTT, but I usually don’t fall for the same hearthrobs as everyone else. I like the more geeky, like Seth Green and Brendan Frasier.
    These are my favorite posts of yours, too.

  3. Happy Birthday, lady! I love these posts! I also loved Salute Your Shorts. Looking back, I didn’t remember the cast as being so young. They always seemed older to me. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Jill!! I loooooove this post…it so brought me back to the good ol days haha.

  5. This totally made my day! Gone are the days when a ying yang necklace made the ultimate accessory!

  6. Oh my gosh, I remember writing in my diary about my secret crush on JTT. I remember two of my friends stopped speaking to each other over him! And I definitely had that exact ying yang necklace.

    Happy birthday!

  7. I had the biggest crush on JTT! I even bought those teen mags if he was on the cover.

    I also remember how seriously weird gak smelled!

  8. omg YES those desserts are amazing!! haha i love these way back when days..so cute



  9. I miss push-ups! They were so fun 🙂

  10. Ah…love it! I totally remember Gak!!! Loved that stuff!

  11. Ohhh I love this post! It seriously took me back to being a kid… Are you afraid of the dark should be on there! I miss all that stuff 😦

  12. Happy birthday gorgeous!!

  13. I had three popples! Loved those things. Even better than Salute Your Shorts were The Secret World of Alex Mac and Legends of the Hidden Temple!

    I also loved Bug Juice on Disney.

  14. Happy B-day Girlie 🙂

  15. Haha, I love the way back whens! I rocked a ying-yang necklace everyday for atleast a year, while loving JTT and watching Salute Your Shorts! Absolutely fabulous!

  16. Popples!!!

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