Brace Yourself……

Hello to all and happy Friday!! Hope everyone’s having a great day so far. I can’t believe it’s only 12:30, I have been very productive today. I ran errands all over town (target, walmart, and mama jeans), read about 50 pages in Friday Night Knitting Club (this book is so good! And I should finish it this weekend!), ran 30 minutes (no pain, again!), and prepped some dessert for later tonight (more on that in a second).

Phew! I forgot to mention this is actually my first day of spring break!! Holla!!! And it’s Joey’s mama’s birthday!! I am very lucky because I love Joey’s whole family, especially his 2 sissy’s, they are so good to me 🙂

Now on to the food!

Last nights snack: I have been loving my late night cereal and I just realized that everything is better with cinnamon. (And I load it on!) Also I have been using Vanilla unsweetened almond milk because it was on sale, and it’s very yummy.

Kamut, raisins, cinnamon, and vanilla almond milk

Breakfast: I am seriously OBSESSED with putting chia pudding in my oats now, it makes them super creamy. To make the pudding I put 1 tbsp chia seeds with 1/4 cup almond milk and wisk. I leave that on the counter for 20 minutes and then I put it in the fridge over night. Don’t let the look of it deter you, because mixed with oats, it’s wonderful. And chia seeds are full of Omega 3’s!

1/2 cup whole wheat oats, 1 cup water, 1/2 scoop whey protein powder, 1 packet stevia, cinnamon, and 1 spoonful bees knees pb

For lunch today I incorporated these little buggers I found at Mama J’s

Quorn products just do not disappoint, these actually had a meatball taste! (I didn’t know what to expect). So I added them to my favorite lunch wrap mix:

Bone suckin' bbq sauce, broccoli slaw, cut up "meatballs", and greek yogurt

Added a slice tofutti american "cheese" on a big ezekiel. Yum!

Now for the grand finale!! Dessert for tonight. Prepare to have your mind BLOWN!!! So I am now obsessed with frozen banana pb sammy’s, so I was wondering how I could make them even better and then it hit me……


Oh yes!! I made 1 banana sprinkled and 1 with coconut so Joey and I could each get 1/2 of each tonight. I can’t wait!

Obviously I am easily excited by food. haha.

Tonight Joey and I are gonna watch some Mad Men and I am making him a new recipe (I’ll share later of course).  I realized that I really haven’t cooked in a long time! eek! Hopefully it will turn out. Tomorrow we are going to the outlet malls, yessssssssss. And then Sunday I think we are gonna go to a day showing of Alice In Wonderland. This weekend is gonna be awesome! We are also having these at some point

Since Joey went to LSU, Noodle got him Cafe Du Monde beignet mix for Christmas and we are just getting around to trying it! YUMMM!!!

Has anyone been to New Orleans? I swear my heart is in New Orleans, as cheesy as it sounds, I have never felt so happy/alive when I went to a city! It’s an incredible place.

Also any big weekend plans?

And if you need to smile you HAVE to visit HealthyDivaEats today because she’s having a furbaby Friday (lot’s of bloggers pet pics!!) Adorable.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday 🙂


13 Responses

  1. I’ve never been to New Orleans, but my husband went a few weeks ago and brought me back some Cafe Du Monde coffee with chicory. It’s so good! I wish he’d brought some beignet mix too. 🙂

  2. I think my friend and I are going to see Alice on Sunday, too! So excited!

    And that lunch wrap just blew my mind. Looks soooo good!

  3. ct, I’ll be there soon. Can I bring you anything back? So you and your bf are going outlet shopping and going to a movie in the same weekend!!!! WHOA. i hope you have enough time. I’m only kidding! Have a good one my little Sausage head – I miss you!!

  4. darnit — the first part of my comment didn’t show.

    it said, “I’ve been in New Orleans. It is magical, in fact…”

  5. Interesting with the chia seeds in the oatmeal. I have yet to try that! And I just wanted to say how ironic this is, we have the exact same box of beignet mix at home. It was a gift and it’s been sitting around forever, I keep forgetting to make them!

  6. Yay! for a painless run and Holla! for spring break!!

    I have yet to get my hands on chia seeds, but as soon as I do I will definitely make that chia pudding! You have an awesome weekend to look forward to. I am watching Alice in Wonderland with mamma tonight 🙂 And you’re banana PB sammy’s look so good I am off to make some myself.

  7. I heart NOLA! It is one of my all time fave vaca spots. So much history…and partying. hehe
    I try to go atleast once a year, but didn’t make it last year. boooo.


  8. Chia pudding? How do I not know what is??

  9. I put cinnamon on everything!

  10. New Orleans is definitely on my travel to do list.

    I always load on the cinnamon too!! Everything taste better with cinnamon, in my honest foodie opinion 😉

  11. I love Quorn! Check out their guyere cutlets, yum.

  12. Gosh don’t sprinkles make everything better!

    When my husband was stationed in Pensacola, FL we drove to New Orleans for a weekend. It was the best vacation EVER. I swear all we did was eat. We ate like 5 meals a day and never ate at the same place twice. The food was UNREAL. Nothing like I’ve ever had before. We didn’t have a single bad meal. Omg I want to go back so bad! 🙂

  13. Well Noodle is so beautiful and a diva so im glad she was part of the post!!! Thanks again!!

    Loving the rainbow sprinkles on the bananas!! yum!!!!

    Im a cereal eater at night for dessert!! love cereal!!

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