Way Back When Wednesday + A Few Reviews :-)

Holla!!! Hope everyone had a good Wednesday. Mine was really good actually! Busy all day, got in a 30 minute run with no knee pain (YESSSSSSSSS!) and found out one of my besties Emmy got a new J-O-B!!!!!! My girlfriends are so amazing right?! So, same as I did when Kelli got into law school, here’s a throwback picture of me and miss emmy 🙂

Mizzou tailgating, what we did best 🙂

Oh and I’ll add, I was cleaning out my iphoto yesterday, and after going through about a million old photos of myself and seeing the ups and downs of my weight (I feel like I can actually see my eating disorder; and ironically, I’m always waaaaay bigger when I had my eating disorder, though in my mind I couldn’t convince myself of that) I had this like clarity moment that I’m REALLY HAPPY with my body. And you know what, I look good!! I’m not sure I ever thought I would say that and mean it, but I DO!!! It’s this kind of happiness that makes me even more determined to help others in any way I can, and I can’t wait to get to my health promotion conference in 2 weeks and learn more about how they are implementing health promotion programs into organizations, it makes me giddy!

Done with my ramblings, now on to WBWW:

Way Back When Music:

Yes, he was equally hot on Blossom, but if you were a true fan, you def had the album.

Way Back When Toy:

Lip Smackers!!! Ok, I just looked for about 20 minutes on google to try to find this lip smackers necklace I used to have; no luck. But remember how awesome this little suckers were?! So what if they were basically colored wax that did nothing for dry lips 🙂

Way Back When Celebrity Crush:

Mike Vitar, aka Benny “the jet” Rodriguez. Sandlot is so classic. If you don’t think so you’re an L-7 WEENIE!!!

Way Back When Clothing:

Bodysuits aka snap crotch shirts! Because God forbid your shirt becomes untucked in class! I had some REALLY fugly bodysuits, and they were not comfortable!

Way Back When Eats:

But we can only be friends if you eat this the cool way, wrap it around your thumb and suck away!!

A few reviews:

Organic pop tarts?? Sign me up!! These things are legit!


I got the idea for these via Kelly and they are delicious! They taste like Smacks, minus the sugar coating of course.

This is my own little creation, inspired by Tyler, 1/3 block tempeh cubed up, broccoli slaw, spoonful of greek yogurt and spoonful of Bone Suckin’ BBQ Sauce. All on a big Ezekiel tortilla. I have had this twice this week for lunch, I typically have some kind of wrap for lunch because it is easy to pack up transport!

Well that’s it from me tonight. Gotta do a little laundry before Tosh.0 I freaking love that show 🙂

Anyone else have a fav show that consistently makes you LOL?


13 Responses

  1. Joey Lawrence kinda weirded me out for some reason… but Mike Vitar was the reason my allowance went to Tiger Beat as a little girl! ha ha

  2. Ummm..I STILL wear lip smackers….

    Not even kidding. I love the Dr. Pepper kind. I wear it instead of lipstick!

  3. GAH! Your blog is so fun–why haven’t I found it until now?!?!?! Okay…adding you to the google reader, officially excited to read more 🙂

    And that wrap….looks amazing!

  4. thanks, lovey! you are so sweet. and we were professional tailgaters. that picture makes me smile.

  5. it is posts like this that make me SO happy i found yoru blog 🙂 you are adorablee 🙂 and i loove way back wednesday- it reminds me of old times! lol. so glad you are happy with your body- u should be! you’re gorgeous



  6. To answer your question – Two and a Half Men and MODERN FAMILY can guarantee at home laugh out loud(-ing) BY MYSELF! SO funny! I loved the first part of your post, too! Definitely a good happiness moment 🙂

  7. YAY! I am so glad you liked the Kamut! Aren’t they great?!

    Also I LOVE LOVE your Way Back Wednesday posts…I look forward to them every single week! You never disappoint! Lip Smackers….loved that stuff! 🙂

  8. Wow, I can’t believe you successfully referenced all of those amazing way back when things in one post!! I was laughing hysterically. Love all of them!!!
    I’m so glad to hear how happy you are with yourself/your body. That’s the best feeling in the world!
    Have a wonderful Thursday!!

  9. Great realization! You’re awesome 🙂

    Loooved Joey Lawrence!

  10. haha! I loved all these way-back when memories. 🙂

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