Way Back When Wednesday

Good morning good morning!! Hope everyone is having a great week. Things are going well here. Good news, NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!! I am soooo excited. Joey and I are gonna grill, watch some Mad Men and drink gin & tonics! Holla!!! Just gotta make it through today. I have the most boring class ever today, and some paper writing to do, but I just have to think of the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

First let’s hit a few key points:

  • I am also attempting to go on a 45 min run today, wish me luck!!
  • How much did Idol suck last night?? It was so boring
  • I made coconut tofu nuggets for dinner last night (Yum)
  • 5 days till OPENING DAY!!!!
  • I have been on track with my tea daily and Noodle has been LOVING her walks

    Before our walking. Reppin' LSU 🙂

Now let’s get to the juicy part of Wednesday’s!!! Let’s take this waaaaaay baaaaack.

Way Back When Music:

Remember when lil Raven was a wannabe singer (actually I think she still is). I may or may not have thought of her because she was a guest on the Wendy Williams show. I get sucked in to the most crap-tastic shows.

Way Back When Toy:

This game reminds me of being babysat, those were the days!! Sink your teeth into SHARK ATTACK!!

Way Back When Celebrity Crush:

HAHAHA, this is the best picture ever!! I love Mr. Andrew Keegan back in the day. Can anyone say Camp Nowhere?! LOVED that movie. Also I liked when he came on 7th Heaven. Meow!!

Way Back When TV:

How much did I love this show?? I remember that there was 2 males hosts, Omar Gooding & Donnie Jeffcoat, but I don’t remember the girls name. Also did u guys know that Omar Gooding is Cuba Goodings brother?!? Small world.

Way Back When Clothing/Accessories:

Curly elastic shoelaces

I have to admit, this was Joey’s WBWW submission, but I def used to rock these things. I remember getting them at a kiosk at the Potomac Mills outlet mall in Maryland. haha.

Way Back When Eats: Apparently it’s shark day for WBWW, haha.  Weren’t fruit snack the bomb?! The perfect treat at the end of your lunch; unless you ate them first, which I often did 😉

Well, hope everyone enjoyed WBWW as much as I did. Off to get the day started!


All Hail The Ginger People

Good evening! Hope everyone had a great Monday, or as great as a Monday can be. Mine was pretty good, filled with yoga, class, homework, and making dinner with Joey!

I’m feeling back to my normal self in yoga this week, thank goodness. One of the amazing things I find with yoga is I can go in in a blah mood and feeling down and out about myself (because of a range of things) but no fail, by the end of class I am always feeling confident in myself and my abilities! It’s a great feeling.

I also did good with my goals so far today, took Noodle on a walk (it was beautiful out today!) and had a cup of blueberry roobios (YUMMY!!). But, I did graze a little in some baked fruit even after I had a afternoon snack. My snack was filling and delicious too!

Kamut with a sliced nanner, almond milk and cinnamon

I think I have been grazing more because I’m bored!!! But I’m trying not to get too down on myself about it, considering I’m snacking on extras like fruits and nuts.

Now to dinner!! The best part of the day. Joey and I have been trying to make dinner together a few times a week and I am loving it. It’s really fun to have someone to eat dinner with (when I’m alone at dinner time it makes me miss the days of roomies!) Here’s a photo run-down of the meal.

Sesame ginger marinade, OMG this stuff is good!! Healthy Diva Eats knows what's up!!

I got a different kind of tofu from the asian market. It's delicious AND it is 4 slices for $1.45!!

2 slices of tofu sliced long-wise and marinating in The Ginger People sauce

Pan-frying the tofu on a caste iron. EVOO on the skillet and about 7 minutes on each side.

Buckwheat noodles (70% whole wheat/30% buckwheat) from the asian market. DELISH!

Veggie mix-in for the stir fry

Final product! It was seriously good.

This was my first experience with pan-frying tofu and I HIGHLY recommend it. The slight crunch on the outside is just awesome.

Now let’s back it up to a few other eats today:

New mix-in for breakfast oats

Whole wheat oats with almond butter and new mix-ins

Cameo apple. Tasted like a red delicious with a little tart kick, mama like.

New yogi with pecans and raisins. It was honey vanilla flavored. I liked it, but it was just honey flavored and I prefer the ones with real honey in them.

Well that’s it from me tonight! Feel free to leave any tips you use to curb grazing in the afternoon 🙂

**Random add-in. I have been meaning to tell you I had these a few weeks back, and they ROCK. OK now I’m really done 🙂

Fan-Freakin-Tastic Pizza!!!

Hello all! Wanted to send a quick hello tonight and share my AMAZING pizza dinner with you. Joey does pizza almost every Sunday and he decided to switch it up tonight and use a baby caste iron skillet to make a deep dish Chicago style pizza. Seriously, this was like the best pizza I’ve ever had. WARNING FOOD PORN AHEAD!!!

Pizza in baby caste iron

Deep dish in all it's glory

Oh dear yum!! Dinner of champs!!

I also had 2 ginger cookies of dessert. Joey is the best cook ever, I am seriously soooo lucky!! The thing with the cookies was I had 2 left, and I figured I would just eat both and get them “out of the way” before the week started. Does anyone else pull this dessert trick? haha. It’s like in my mind I should just get my bad eats done with by Sunday. I know, it makes no sense 😉

I also had a new cheese with my wrap for lunch today:

Sheep's milk feta, OMG! Crumbly like feta but creamy like goat's milk cheese!!

Last thing, even those these shoes are like a year old, I rarely wear them, in fact Joey thought there were new tonight. Regardless of rarely wearing them, I love them, so I thought I would share

Sweet purple kicks 🙂

Also got to see How To Make It In America tonight (HBO show if you haven’t heard of it). It’s  grade A in my book. Anyone with HBO should check it out.

I thought I would try a new thing and make a few little goals at the beginning of each week. Goals for this week:

  • Take Noodle on a walk everyday
  • Drink a cup of tea daily (I have really been slacking on this)
  • Only 1 afternoon snack daily (I have been eating 2 lately, hungry hippo here!! ha)

Well that’s it from me here! Hope everyone has a wonderful evening and a cheerful Monday morning!

A Weekend of Good Eats

Hello and happy Sunday to all! Hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did! Before I have to get started on some homework (boo!!) I thought I would share with you my eats from the weekend, a few new recipes, yay!!

Friday started out with a lot of random stores for groceries. Whenever time allows, I like to go all over the place for groceries because I know different stuff is cheaper at different stores. Some of the goods:

Zesty BBQ soy crisps and the best coffee in the world!!

Finally found these large cartons at Dillons!! Anyone know why they expire sooner than the smaller boxes?

TJ Maxx finds!! My favorite new fruit snacks and about $2 each!!

Taking a note from Healthy Diva Eats with this Ginger People marinade I found at TJ Maxx, $3!

Also a super lunch on Friday (I have been putting greek yogurt on EVERYTHING lately, seriously it is the best sammy/wrap topping):

A yummy lunch: Wrap with tempeh, broccoli slaw, greek yogurt, and tofutti cheese. Apple & soy crisps.

Friday night I decided to make a yummy dinner for Joey. I did some google searching, came across this post and tweaked it just a little.


1 large tater


1/4 white onion

1/4 cup walnuts

1 cup quinoa



Instructions for Taters:

1) Quarter the tater (ok, so I used 2 medium taters, but I had a lot left over, so it just depends on how much you want), toss in 2 tbsp EVOO and salt and spread into a pan.

2 medium taters quartered and tossed in EVOO and salt

2) Roast in oven at 375 for 1 hr – 1 hr 15 min

Taters, after

Instructions for Asparagus:

1) Cut the ends off all of the asparagus, and toss in 1.5 tbsp EVOO and some salt

Asparagus tossed in EVOO and salt with 1/4 chopped white onion on top

2) Spread onto cookie sheet (I put tin foil under for easy clean up)

3) Chop 1/4 of white onion and sprinkle on top of the asparagus

4) Roast in oven at 400 for 12 min

Instructions for Walnuts:

1) Spread walnuts on cookie sheet

2) Cook in oven at 350 for 8-10 min

Instructions for Quinoa:

1) Put 1 part quinoa to 2 parts water in a pot and bring to a boil

2) Reduce heat to low and let simmer for about 15 min or until all the water has been absorbed by the quinoa

*Put all the ingredients together however you choose and ENJOY!!

Finished meal

Saturday Joey and I got lunch at The Grotto and DAYUM it was delish.


Joey also made a fabulous dinner last night, mushroom ragout with spinach-parm polenta. Here’s the link (sorry no pics, I was too busy inhaling it). I am sooo lucky to have a bf who supports my meatless & healthy eating, I feel very blessed.

As for a workout, I did a power yoga class yesterday that went really well! I was a little worried since I had a mediocre workout week. On a TMI note  I went into class with a bit of a belly ache and I swear I passed gas (luckily the non-smelly kind) like 5 times in class!! hahahaha. Luckily the music was loud so I think it was the undercover kind 😉

Eww. On a random note on this Olay commercial that just came on this lady said that her anti-aging lotion is working so well she might actually celebrate her birthday this year. I HATE how women feel embarrassed by getting older, and I just don’t get it. Why are men allowed to age and women aren’t?! It makes zero sense to me.

Well I’m off to do my homework. Love to hear your opinions about women and aging? Are you guys embarrassed to age? I embrace it and I will be DAMNED if I don’t go all out for a birthday 🙂

Dr. David Katz is my hero

Happy Friday all! Hope everyone is having a great day. I have been meaning to share some information with you all that I got from the Health Promotion conference I attended. One of the main things I gained is a love for Dr. David Katz, an INCREDIBLE (to say the least) doctor and activist promoting health and nutrition for all, but especially children!

I had initially heard of him through Carrots N Cake website because he created NuVal, this really cool way to look at food. Instead of simply concentrating on calories, it takes all ingredients of the food into account and gives each food a number between 1-100, the closer to 100 the healthier the food. He explained the need for this system through this example:

Say a busy mother is grocery shopping with her children in mind. She wants to buy foods that are tasty and healthy for her kids. In the peanut butter isle she comes across 2 choices: regular peanut butter or reduced fat peanut butter. Wanting to keep her kids healthy, she chooses the reduced fat; I mean that’s what the media tells us is better. Unfortunately, when choosing the reduced fat, she is choosing the less healthy choice and she doesn’t even know it. Although there is a reduction of fat in the pb, there is an increase in sodium and decrease in fiber.

What NuVal would do is provide numbers so the two pb’s can be easily compared. They are currently testing out the NuVal system in a bunch of Kroger grocery stores so hopefully they will be everywhere sometime in the near future! Until then, you can check out the list at this site.

Another AWESOME thing Dr. Katz has done is created 2 programs for grade school children to learn more about nutrition and get moving! The best part about these programs, is they are completely FREE. The first is nutrition detectives which teaches kids and their parents about reading labels. The cartoons and activities they are created for nutrition detectives is super fun and I know kids would love it (I mean my mama is a 4th grade teacher so I have seen what her kids go nuts for over the years; and telling her about these programs was one of the first things I did).  The other program is ABC, Activity Bursts in the Classroom for Fitness.  This outlines to teachers how to incorporate more active things in the class. It does not take away from teaching though, it is supposed to take up the time that a teacher might spend discipling the kids when they get rowdy and replace that with movement (jumping jacks, dancing, etc).  Kids love to move and not only is it great for health purposes to get kids moving, but it also allows them to expend that energy, making them more productive when it’s back to the books. Dr. Katz stresses Recess Not Ritalin (LOVE THAT!).

I HIGHLY encourage you guys to take a look at these programs and/or forward the websites to any grade school teachers you know.

Dr. Katz also promotes health and wellness overall, and I wanted to share one of the COOLEST things I have ever heard that he mentioned in his talk at the conference.  He says that we all like to play the blame game about our country getting obese and that is just not helping anything. What he says is:

“You do not have to accept responsibility for the problem in order to take responsibility for the solution”

What he means is ‘ok so we are a big country’ but trying to figure out who to blame for our problems isn’t helping. We ARE responsible for ourselves though, and we each have the responsibility to take action and become healthy!

Welp, that’s it for me for now! I’ll be back later with some food posting. Hope some of these things from Dr. Katz inspire you as much as they do me!!

Hello all

Hello all my little followers 🙂 Sorry I have been on quite the abscence. I have been feeling really “off” since my grandfather passed, and just not motivated at all to blog. Please forgive me. I have been keeping up with all your blogs though, so don’t think I’m gone just because I haven’t been commenting!

Tomorrow is the weekend, thank goodness! Except I have a meeting with a professor in the morning that I am not exactly looking forward too, blah. I am making Joey dinner tomorrow night so I am very much looking forward to that and will be sharing the recipe with you then!

A few random things:

Gardein BBQ Pulled Shreds are THE BOMB!!!

Genisoy Zesty BBQ crisps are quite good. Except it makes me laugh that the packages says they are 70% less fat than the average potato chips; ya, thats because they are soy chips NOT potato chips

Found these gems at the airport in Atlanta and they are soooo good!! The bananas and cherries are chewy and delicious. I am hooked. And baked, so healthy

And since I missed Way Back When Wednesday I thought I would throw in a few randoms for Kel & Anna:

WBW Clothing:

Shortalls. Although I could only find these in children’s clothing when I did a google search, I wore these through 5-6 grade, haha. I know Kelli had some lime green ones and I rocked purple and white polka dot shortalls.

WBW Music:

Meredith Brooks, BITCH. In grade school we used to scream the word bitch when we were singing. I hung out with a pretty rough crowd. haha.

WBW Eats:

Mr. Pibb!! I seriously used to live and breathe for this stuff. I think it’s only pibb xtra now, and I tried it a few years back and it’s nasty.

On another note, after taking a week off exercising for my conference, we were soooo busy there, my body is happy to be back in the swing of things. Except last night I had the worst workout EVER. I went to a hot yoga class and literally felt like I had never worked out before, it was miserable. Isn’t it weird that your body has days like that?! Don’t worry I went back to another class this morning and totally redeemed myself 🙂

Well that’s it from me tonight. Heading over to Joey’s soon to get some quality bf time in. Also Joey is a SlickDeals junky and we just ordered some Nature’s Path Organic Poptarts on crazy sale through amazon, so I thought I would share the link! These things are delish; we got the frosted blueberry, YUM!

Last thing! Sign the petition to support Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution!! Help our kids get the healthy foods they deserve!

Hope everyone has a fab night!


I’m here in a wonderful villa in Hilton Head ready to embark on the journey that will come from my conference, but my heart is with my family. My grandpa Jubinski passed today. Its comforting to my soul to know that the last thing he did while alive was dance; that was his passion. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.