Way Back When Wednesday

Hello to all!! Thanks for all the compliments on the outfit my mama sent, sweet mama J 🙂 Hope everyone had a good Wednesday and here is a little throw back to make you smile! (warning, new topic for WBW added; WBW celebrity crush).

Way Back When Music:

Jeremy Jordan.  Holy crap, this guy randomly came to mind. Does anyone else remember him?? Or was I the only one who enjoyed him shirtless and bought his CD? I wiki’ed him and just realized I probably knew of him because his music was in the movie Airborne!!! I LOVED that movie.

I saw it on HBO not too long ago and totally forgot Jack Black is in it! Oh and Seth Green of course.

Way Back When Toy:

Pogs!! I never even played the game that went with pogs, I just had a bunch….and some slammers! haha.

Way Back When Celebrity Crush:

Jason James Richter of Free Willy fame!!! I was OBSESSED with this kid, and the funny thing is, I actually had this signed photograph because I wrote him a fan letter.

Ok, I was thinking I HAVE to add this topic because I crushed on more 90s boys, and can still remember all of their names, than anyone I know. I was a boy crazy freak!!! haha.

Way Back When Clothing:

Haha. This post makes me look like such a tomboy. But I def rocked the No Fear shirts back in the day.

Way Back When Eats: This was the coolest gum ever!! I remember we had this HUGE container of it for one of my birthday parties! haha. Oh it’s the little things when you’re young 🙂

Well that’s it for WBW! Oh and on another note I tried  new larabar today and it’s 10/10!!! If you like Mounds you will die for It’s like a BETTER mounds bar (if that’s even possible!!).

Now that’s really it from me 🙂 Have a great night from Jill & Noodle!


20 Responses

  1. I totally rememebr Pogs!!! How fun…I love your way back Wednesdays!!!

  2. LOVED Jermey Jordan! I was totally going to be his girlfriend:) Such memories.

    I have that flavor Lara bar in my kitchen. Haven’t tried it yet but because of your review it will be my next!

  3. why dont i remember any of those things?

    must try those coconut lara bars.

  4. Oh my! Pogs and Tongue Splashers! I totally remember both of those things. We’re so old!!!

  5. Wow it’s been far to long since I’ve had that Lara flava!
    And did you hear about the free willy attack yesterday? Shamu will never be the same for me….

  6. Ahhh! Pogs! I had soooo many. Never played the game either. What a waste of money, haha.

    My crushes were Jonathon Taylor Thomas and Devon Sawa, and towards the end of my boy-crazy phase Leo DiCaprio snuck in there due to my obsession with Romeo & Juliet.

    • Oh man I loved those boys too!!

      Devon in now and then naked…..dont get me started!! haha.

      Oh and my yoga instructor played kissing you, that amazing song from romeo and juliet by des’ree, the other day! It was awesome!

  7. HAHAHA my friend and I were just talking about pogs and slammers yesterday!

  8. Pogs!!! I didn’t even really know how to play the game- I just collected them, too! How right my mom was when she told me they were a waste of money… ha ha!

    And I loved the Free Willy kid, too! Had a thing for the “bad boys”… even when I was 8. Screwed myself early on with that one…

  9. omg!!!!!! POGS!!! lol!! I remember those damn things!!! Love this post!!!!!!!!

    Oh and Im having a furbaby post next week, a post that will be dedicated to all the animals of bloggies!! U need to submit your pup!! My email is Model_Katie22@hotmail.com

    Love ya girl!!!

  10. Oh my god POGS! I totally forgot about those, my brother had a huge collection that I always tried to steal, but he always caught me. And No Fear shirts…I actually rocked these as big bro hand me downs. Can you tell I wanted to be just like him?

    Have a great weekend love!

  11. OK, I’m loving you way back Wednesdays! Too funny!


  12. […] a few of you ask about No Fear Shirts last week, and I have actually written about those before, check out the old post. To keep with the cool t-shirt theme though, Big Dogs T Shirts!! I am pretty certain someone in my […]

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