Thirsty Thursdays (Remember Those?!?)

Hello to all!! Hope everyone had a great Thursday. I cannot wait till tomorrow!! Joey and I are going to see Shutter Island tomorrow night and I am beyond excited!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LEO!! Especially way back when

Before I get into the blog I want to send out a HUGE CONGRATS to my bestie Kelli for getting into Law School!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo proud!! You don’t even know. She has been my best friend since 4th grade and I can’t believe she’s gonna be a lawyer 🙂

Oldest pic of us I have on hand, it's from 6 years ago, holy hell

Today is Day 2 of no gum, and seriously this is not easy. First of all here is my gum of choice.There is a reason why it is so hard for me not to chew gum, and it actually has a lot to do with my eating disorder.  When I used to be really sick with my ED, I told my parents about it and we tried together to kick it while I was at school and without counseling.  One of the things my mama thought of, was after a meal I would chew gum to signify to end of the meal to my mouth and my mind. And actually, shes a genius, because it worked really well.  The problem then came because now after every time I eat my mind thinks I need gum. So after years and years of chewing too much I need to stop!! (I told you I was an addict!) Oh and when I was trying to quit my ED years back I also had a calendar and my mom would buy me stickers that I would get to put on the day when I went the whole day without bingeing, it’s funny how much that sticker stuff works just as well in grade school as it did when I was older.

Well anyways! Here’s a little food rundown for the day.

Protein Oats with my little one for breakfast

Protein Oats: 1/2 cup steel cut oats (cooked in 1 cup water), 1/2 scoop chocolate soy protein powder (I’m switching to whey protein when this tub is done, it absorbs into your body better), 1 scoop barney butter, 1 tbsp flax seed, 1/2 tbsp chia seeds, a few shakes of cinnamon

Loner lunch on the go in my car

Barney butter sammy on cinnamon raisin ezekiel, 4 dates, and 3 cut up carrots

I couldn't resist a quick dinner with this gem I picked up at Mama Jeans. Under $2 and soooo good!

Completed dinner with steamed broccoli with red pepper flakes, and a piece of joey's homemade focaccia

I also have finalized my workout schedule: 4 days a week of yoga 3 days of gym (2 days arms/cardio) and 1 day cardio (can be a workout class), and also 1 extra day when I run 15 min in addition to yoga. Phew, I really like this schedule because I do not feel overworked at all, which I have felt before when I just try to do too many things. I don’t think yoga works my cardio as well, so I was trying to fit in more, but that’s just silly. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE my yoga, so I choose that over extra cardio.

I have also come to realize that I actually like packing a bag and getting ready at the gym after my workout. Ok, hear me out, ha.

1) I am forced to wear what I packed, no fussing through the closet

2) I am at an expedited pace because who wants to diddle-dally around in the gym locker room

3) It majorly cuts down on the extra time I spent driving back and forth

Do you guys like getting ready at the gym or am I just crazy!?

Wel thats it from me today! Time for my awesome lineup of shows tonight! Yippee!! Does water/tea count for a thirsty thursday?? haha. Oh memories of Mizzou!!


6 Responses

  1. Your post title made me laugh. In college I celebrated a lot of thirsty Thursdays. I am laughing now just remembering all the crazy times!

  2. Yoga is great for your lung capacity. That’s why it emphasizes breath and movement so much. So you are eactually getting a phenomenal cardio workout from it. I need to reincorporate more yoga into my life. My body misses it a whole lot!
    As an undergrad, I was on the rugby team and we definately indulged in thirsty thursdays. Thursday is a drinking day! I am sooo glad my tolerance is non existent now and that alcohol is an occasional treat and not a constant!

  3. what great ideas. I want to try both of those!! Going to get stickers now.

  4. i know what you mean with getting ready at the gym0 haha. i hate overthinking what to wear! and i am the same way with gum- it is a really bad habit 😦 i dont like it!


  5. Yay that you had DCD PB this morning!!!!!!!!! It is the best ever isn’t it?? I love it!!!!!

    Yes Whey Protein is so much better !!! I love Biochem Chocolate Fudge Protein Powder, it is so good!!!!

    Have a great day girl!! xoxo

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