Fatty Dat Tuesday!!

Hello and happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a good day! Mine was busy with school, working out and just getting back into the swing of the week (how hard is it to go back after a long weekend?!?) Well lets jump right into it!

I started off my day with my new oatmeal mix, protein oats.

1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1/2 scoop protein powder (today's courtesy of joey, trying out a new kind), cinnamon to taste, 1 tbsp flax seed, 1/2 tbsp chia seed, 1 scoop almond butter

After breakfast I worked on some schoolwork and then headed to a cardio combat class at the gym.  Now, I am not typically a fan of group classes, I think the instructors can be a little much and sometimes I just feel like a cheeseball in them.  But let me tell you, I really liked this class and I will def go back. The instructor was a straight bad-ass and she used the term “cardio-riffic” which made me laugh. I also ran for 15 minutes before class. My knee is coming back! Very slowly, but surely.

Before class I munched on a pear for snack and then ate my lunch in my car, like a loner. haha.

Peanut butter sammy on cinnamon raisin ezekiel and 2 carrots

Class was pretty uneventful, I have a presentation coming up in this class in about a week and 1/2, BLAH! Oh, I did find out about my conference.  So we are sharing rooms with another intern, but it’s not a normal room, we have our own rooms and share a living room…baller!!! I am getting sooooo excited! It starts 1 month from today! Yippee!!

For a snack I used these as chips (3 = 65 calories!) with some fresh salsa

Dinner was especially yummy tonight! I have been meaning to share this item with you

Check out the stats:(I don’t even count calories, but I like sharing impressive ones)

Here’s the completed meal

I added some sweet peas on the top of my mung bean and had some of Joey's homemade focaccia

Tomorrow starts Lent so I wanted to finish up with that! Are you guys giving up anything? I am giving up soda, ice cream, and gum. Gum is going to be KILLER. I seriously could EASILY chew a pack a day; I know, that is so gross! ha. My teeth and jaw will thank me.

On that note Joey and I will be indulging in ice cream tonight! ha. Here is mine

Well that’s it from me tonight! Hope everyone has a wonderful and indulgent Fat Tuesday!!!

Oh, and here is something really interesting Joey just sent me. CLICK ME.  It’s Jamie Oliver talking about childhood obesity. We HAVE to teach kids about food early!!!


3 Responses

  1. Apple Cinnamon ice cream?! Yum…that sounds like a flavor I could easily eat a gallon of!

  2. One of my biggest fears is that I will teach my children unhealthy eating behaviors. It is so important, to me, to get my own eating under control so that my future children can learn what to eat by watching me.

  3. your oatmeal mix sounds delicious 🙂 and yummm to the ice cream!! i know, childhood obesity is so sad and scary 😦


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