Diet Books

Hello & good morning! Hope everyone is having a great day. I was actually going to post this later today, but then I was inspired by Shelly (who is insanely adorable, insightful, and mature) to throw it together before class.

So, yesterday I started reading The F-Factor Diet,

not because I am going on a diet, I just like getting information (and actually I wasn’t aware it was a legit “diet” I just thought it was more information based). I made it through one chapter and was pretty annoyed.  This is because the women who wrote the book, a highly educated and experienced registered dietician touted fiber as, and I quote, a “magic bullet.” Oh, it was over for me there!!!! There is no such thing as a magic bullet!!! Losing weight takes hard work and a good diet. I am not saying that fiber is not a great thing to have in your diet, and Americans don’t get enough, but this is advertised as another “quick fix” and it’s just not. There again is no such thing as a quick fix. I vented to poor Joey about this last night and he told me point blank “people don’t want to read about weight loss being hard work.” And it’s sad but true.

Shelly comes into this, because she brought up Skinny Bitch

in her blog today, and ugh to that book for me. It advocates being vegan/vegetarian, and obviously I don’t disagree with that lifestyle, but it is not for everyone. And again, it is not a quick fix! I know many a vegetarian who are not super fit, let alone super healthy.

And what’s the deal with these diet books and different phases in them? How come it’s always that you have to take things away first to start a diet? No wonder people don’t last! I say just start by adding more healthy things in your diet and eventually you will make the choice yourself to get rid of some of those unhealthy habits. But then again I’m still young and naive, ha!

I just want people to be healthy and happy, is that so much for a girl to ask?! 😉

I’ll end with a happy photo! When I did laundry the other day and Noodle was LOVING the warm towels. She laid on the two and then I covered her with a warm hand towel and we had a photo shoot!


8 Responses

  1. i will read this book =)

  2. I never read diet books…I guess I just figure that in my mind I don’t WANT to be on a diet. I would rather just eat healthy foods (and not so healthy foods in moderation) drink plenty of water, exercise daily and just be…..

  3. thanks for mentioning me hun!!! love ya 🙂 and i obviously agree 100% with everything you said.


  4. I completely agree with you! One of my suite mates just came home with about $50 worth of Special K products because she is allegedly starting the, “Special K Diet.” When I asked her how this worked, her response was, “I think you just eat cereal and you lose 6 pounds in 2 weeks.” That doesn’t seem healthy at all!

  5. That picture should be a poster. So cute.
    All these diets have my mind in a ball of mush. I can’t keep up!!! I want to be diet free damn it.

  6. I totally agree with you – when I am trying to be healthier I ADD things to my diet … more water, more veggies, etc. I don’t even think about what I will eliminate or restrict.

    I am like you … I read diet books, food books, nutrition books just to be educated and informed, not because I want to lose weight or am on a diet.

  7. Your dog’s name is Noodle? That’s the cutest thing EVER! I agree that books like that are incredibly frustrating.

    I love the both of you 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxo

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