Way Back When Wednesday

Hello to all! Hope everyone had a great day. I decided that since it’s hump day and everyone is always ready for the weekend by now, I would make Wednesday a fun day for my blog, a la Way Back When Wednesday! So, on Wed’s I will be reminiscing about something funny/entertaining in the past 24.75 years of my life! ha.

Way Back When Wednesday Music Memory:

First, this all came to fruition because yesterday in class, one of my classmates was discussing how he heard an old Salt n Pepa song on the “old school lunch hour” (which happens daily on a local station). He thought the song “None of your Business” was really funny and he tried to remember some of the lyrics, when I spouted off the next line surprising others who were around. Little did they know, I was a HUGE S n P when this album came out.I even remember that the last song on the album was this PSA where someone was calling their partner and telling them they tested positive for HIV. Anyone else remember???….just me?! ok! ha.

Way Back When Wednesday Toy Memory:These things made me look cool (or so I thought) because I couldn’t yoyo worth a crap!!

Way Back When Wednesday Clothing Memory:Double-sided looney tunes shirts. I seriously looked for 30 minutes on google trying to find a front/back shot of this t-shirt, which my sister had, btw, but no luck. I had one that Taz and Bugs were dressed in an Afro-Centric style. I was pretty balling back in my DC days. (I grew up on Andrews Air Force Base right outside DC)

And because this is a food blog, Way Back When Wednesday Food Memory: DUNKAROOS!! My favorite flavor too, rainbow chip. And if you ate the crackers with the icing you were lame-o!! It was all about chowing on the cookies and then dominating the icing with your finger! haha.

Well I hope everyone had fun taking a walk down memory lane with me! Look forward to this every wed!

Share any fun look-backs you have!!


10 Responses

  1. oh the memories. but you know me…only some of those things are on my radar. haha.

  2. I love that Salt ‘N’ Pepa CD! One of my favorites for sure!

  3. what a cute theme!!1 omg i adore dunkaroos ❤ sooo good and brings back so many amazing memories


  4. Dunkaroos was one of those fun snacks that my mom never bought! Of course this made them infinitely better! I love this post! I love S n P and TLC too!


  6. We may have been twins as children haha. Dunkaroos were pretty much my life (and yes, I totally nommed that icing with my finger, straight up!) and also had more than one Looney Tunes inspired clothing option. Oh man, those were the days… 😛

  7. I totally remember those T-shirts! Too funny. Do you remember troll dolls!! My favorite was one with rainbow hair. I had a serious collection (addicition)

  8. Dunkaroos were amazing. And I am loving the lib photo shoot you got going on. Good luck on your test!!

  9. I LOVEEE that CD, still! And I remember the shoop dance like it’s nobodies business.

  10. JILL!
    I’m slightly offended that you would mention Salt n’ Pepa AND the backwards Taz & Bugs shirts without a shout out to me! Suggestion for next week’s Way Back When Wednesday: Your obsession with J.T.T. or your obsession with Hobie from Baywatch.

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