On A Tempeh Kick

Me at the library, what looks like my bottom lip is actually my tongue 🙂

Hello to all! Hope everyone’s week is going well. Mine has been super busy so far filled with school, studying, and working out. Hopefully all the effort will pay off during my test this Saturday (it’s from 9-3!! LOOOOONG!) Because of all my hurried-ness I must admit I have been resorting to lots of quick meals.  As of late, this has been including a lot of tempeh, I’m seriously obsessed!

Here’s a little info on tempeh: Tempeh begins with whole soybeans, which are softened by soaking and dehulled, then partly cooked. Tempeh’s fermentation process and its retention of the whole bean give it a higher content of protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins compared to tofu, as well as firmer texture and stronger flavor. Because of its nutritional value, tempeh is used worldwide in vegetarian cuisine; some consider it to be a meat substitute. The  flavor has been described as nutty, meaty, and mushroom-like.

I love it because it’s quick, easy, and nutritious and tastes great! I love adding it in salads,

Sorry not the best looking salad; and that roasted red pepper hummus instead of dressing

using it in a taco,making a tempeh sandwich with lettuce/tomato/hummus, and my personal favorite in my “asian” dish with ezekiel sprouted grain spaghetti, peas and soy sauce.  To me it’s great straight out of the package but it can also be sauteed, cooked, or fried. I encourage everyone to give tempeh a try if you haven’t; I like it much better than tofu (although I still do like tofu). And I can get it at the natural food store for $1.99. I typically get 3 servings out of a block, not bad price-wise!

My Tempeh

Don't let the fact that it looks like brain scare you!

As for my fitness, this morning I hit up the 6 am hot yoga class; I personally really enjoy early morning yoga, it starts my day in such a positive manner and immediately gives me “personal” time to clear my head before chaos ensues.

Tonight I will be watching, at least the last hour, of the Biggest Loser (I need some study break!). This week def is sad though because Joey and I do not get to hang out at all. We have to be good students and force ourselves to spend our free time studying. It really puts a damper on my heart not to be able to spend time with my bf, but sometimes you just have to make sacrifices in your life.  Saturday after our test though I’m sure our whole class will go out for drinks and then on Sunday Joey and I have already planned a Cracker Barrell morning!!! I seriously dream about their blueberry pancakes!!! Yummmmmm!!! I like to eat healthy, but everyone derserves a splurge sometimes!

Health Promotion Fun Fact of The Day: In order for an organization to fully promote healthy living, they need to build a culture of health promotion (beyond having health promotion activities in place).  If you have a health club in office, yet have a vending machine filled with junk food then your ideals are not in line.  Same thing goes for an office that has a lunch walking club but others tease those who are involved.  To reap the full benefits of health you must have a culture that promotes healthy behaviors and helps those who choose to join in. (Same kind of idea as in a family where mom wants to loose weight but dad wants mcdonalds for dinner a couple times a week; you must be supportive!)

What’s your favorite “splurge” food place?

Have you tried tempeh before? If so, what’s your preparation preference?

12 Responses

  1. Your hair is so cute! Is it cut short, or is it just pulled back in that pic?

    I love tempeh! I just rub it with a little olive oil and pan fry it! I also love it raw in wraps and sammies…but I know some people don’t like it so much that way!

  2. Seriously, right out of the package? No BBQ sauce or anything?

  3. Cute photo!

    I love tempeh plain, too!

  4. I love tempeh too! Have you ever had tempeh “bacon?” I love that so much. Haven’t had it in way too long. Need to change that!!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE tempeh!! That is dinner tonight for me for sure!!

  6. ahh i adore blueberry pancakes! good for ou, girl 🙂 and i ahvent tried tempeh but i think i would really like it!!

  7. Instead of the traditional corned beef used in reubens, my boyfriend and I use tempeh to make Tempeh Reubens!
    We saute the tempeh, then slap it on some rye bread with sauerkraut, thousand island dressing, and swiss cheese.
    Then, throw the whole sandwich on a hot, nonstick griddle, just to heat it all the way through and melt the cheese.

  8. you are so cute!! love that pic of you 🙂

    I wish I liked tempeh more. I have tried it in so many ways and the taste just doesnt mesh well with my mouth (TWSS) but seriously, I really wish I did, any suggestions on how I can LIKE it?

    mmm blueberry pancakes sound amazeee from cracker barrell 🙂

  9. I have bee addicted to tempeh for a while now too! 🙂 I love having it with tahini!! It’s ALL GOOD!

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