Pic of Noodle hanging with her bug toys while I study. How much do you love my chair from the 70s, its the comfiest thing ever 🙂

Hello to all! I can’t tell you how much I missed everyone!! So my big test is on saturday (I think I might throw up thinking about it) but I am finally starting to feel like I will be ready. This being said, I will be back this week with some posts! I have also been thinking long and hard about what I want to do with my blog, because I’m not sure it’s turned into exactly what I want it to. So, I think I will cutting down on post length, adding in some health promotion stuff (I am reading tons of really interesting research articles about health promotion to kind of “prep” for my conference and I want to share the knowledge), only telling you guys about the more interesting food I eat, and keeping you up on my workout routines. Phew! That was a mouthful.

Well I’m currently sipping some Chai Masala Tea getting ready to hit the books for a few hours before class this morning…..OK so I had some more stuff written that I decided to take down. In a nutshell it was about females getting the same treatment in work/school/etc environments as males. But I decided against keeping it up because, well I don’t want to burn any bridges! ha. Overall, it’s a shame when women are treated differently and is not something that should be taken lightly.

I will end this post instead with a new addition I will be putting into my posts:

Health Promotion Fun Fact of the Day: Children in day cares often do not receive the recommended amounts of fruits and veggies in their diets, but by educating our child care workers on healthy lifestyles and diet they showed more initiative to take sweetened beverages out of the children’s diet and add more veggies in.  They were also more willing to talk to parents about activity levels a child should be getting and weight issues.  Childhood obesity is an epidemic in this country and it is our responsibility to teach children how to eat healthy and be active so they can grow to lead healthy lives; children are never at fault! And education for all is key!!

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  1. Welcome back!

    I haven’t faced anything just like you situation. But when I was a 19 year old girl starting a job on the night shift I faced some issues with other employees. My dad taught me to be a hard worker and that is what I did.
    I found out (years later) that when I first started everyone in the department was taking bets on how long I would last. Well, I outlasted all of them! Plus I moved up super fast in the company.

    Wonder where they are now?!?

  2. Welcome back, missy!

    Fortunately/unfortunately, I haven’t faced a situation like what you described, so I can sympathize but not really empathize. However, I do know what it means to have to prove yourself to break people’s perceptions of you. I was in a show with a company that I had never been a part of before, and a lot of people were upset that I had gotten a major role over their perceived seniority. I had to work extra hard to prove that I was appreciative and talented, just to gain approval from a lot of cast members. In the end, we ended up being amazing friends, but it was hard work in the in-between.

  3. Well, don’t you sound like Mrs. Obama talking about childhood obesity! HaHa. Just teasing. I couldn’t agree more with you though. Creating healthy eating habits starts at such a young age and can have a life time impact. Its not the child’s fault if they don’t learn these habits because they have no control over what they eat. They can’t prepare themselves a delicious plate of veggies instead of McDonald’s. They eat what their parents and caretakers put in front of them. Overcoming this massive problem America is facing starts with educating the parents and caretakers. The sad thing is, I’ve seen lots of cases where even after education the parents still don’t care because its easier to give McDonald’s then it is to make a healthy meal. Pure laziness can lead to a lifetime of problems for that poor child.

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