Good Eats, Good Saturday :-)

Hello to all! Hope everyone is having a good day! My Saturday has been going surprisingly well, even though I had to work on a paper for most of the day.  I’m gonna be straight with all you readers and let you know that I have been feeling a little down lately. I assume I’m not the only one who has downer weeks sometimes, so I think many of you could probably relate.  It seemed like no matter what I did sometimes I just couldn’t get out of my funk. I also took today off in terms of all workouts. I realized that I haven’t been doing that lately. I think it’s because in my mind I am not considering my hot yoga to be that intense of a workout or something (which is crazy) so I want to be at the gym the other days.  So from now on I am going to make a valiant effort to take one day a week completely off! It has actually rejuvenated me I think 🙂

Ok, done blabbing now! Here’s a little photo rundown of some of the things going on in my life the past day.

PB&J mojo clif bars are all over the blogs lately! Noodle and I joined in the party! YUM!

Dinner from last night, margarita pizza. It hit the spot!

I got this idea from CardioFoodie and it is SPOT ON!! I cut a nanner in half and filled them with dark chocolate dream PB. Mine is the one with coconut and Joey’s has carob chips. After they are filled then freeze them! I took them out 10 minutes before we ate them so they could defrost a little and they were SOOOOOO GOOD!! Seriously. Joey was highly impressed. (I have been trying to find fun treats for us since we gave up ice cream for Lent.)

Joey made belgium waffles. I topped mine with a mix of agave, maple syrup and cinnamon. So good! I ate.....a lot of them 🙂

Springfield's Whole Foods. Here is the elusive Mama Jean's Market. Ain't it cute?!

Mama Jean's loot

I got the rest of the weekly good from Walmart

Well that’s it from me! Joey is coming over later with some din-din. Hope everyone has a wonderful night!!

Good luck to Tyler at his 1/2 marathon in FL tomorrow and congrats to Karissa to a great finish in her race today! 🙂


Happy Friday!

Hello to all! Yay for Friday! Hope everyone had a good Thursday. Mine was pretty good with lots of school work, some hot yoga, and dinner with Joey.  We went to our favorite coffee house and I had this really good veggie wrap with baked lays!

Unfortunately I got a tummy ache later in the evening so nothing too exciting to report there! ha.

Today I have a lot of paper writing to do, which means lots of coffee drinking! Today is my only “double” workout day. Which means I will be running 20 minutes before lunch and then going to a yoga class later this evening. Good news on the tummy toning front, I think my 3 minutes a day of planks is working! Yippee!!

Sorry this is a pretty boring post but I don’t have much going on. I have to remember that in 2 weeks I will be home with my family!! YAY!!!

Oh and I caught the last 5 minutes of Idol last night to see who got kicked off and I was shocked which boys left!! There were guys who were WAAAAAAAAAAAY worse than those two. And honestly I didn’t even remember either of those girls, but I guess I feel ok that they left! On another Idol note, I do not believe Joey is happy I seem interested in idol this season, haha.

More random eats:

I created a new snack

Raw Revolution bar with a little almond butter on top!

And here are a plethora of oats from the past few days

1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1/2 scoop protein powder, 1 packet stevia, 1 tbsp flax seed meal, 1/2 tbsp chia seed, cinnamon, and bees knees pb

1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1/4 cup raisins, cinnamon, 1 packet stevia, 1/2 scoop protein powder, 1 tbsp chia seeds

And here’s a pic of Noodle playing this morning to make you smile 🙂

She prefers to play with at least 2 toys at a time (no joke) currently playing with the flamingo and the black ball. *Please pretend not to notice some of my DVD's (i.e. High School Musicals 1-3, haha)

Well it’s time to start writing, boo!! Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Way Back When Wednesday

Hello to all!! Thanks for all the compliments on the outfit my mama sent, sweet mama J 🙂 Hope everyone had a good Wednesday and here is a little throw back to make you smile! (warning, new topic for WBW added; WBW celebrity crush).

Way Back When Music:

Jeremy Jordan.  Holy crap, this guy randomly came to mind. Does anyone else remember him?? Or was I the only one who enjoyed him shirtless and bought his CD? I wiki’ed him and just realized I probably knew of him because his music was in the movie Airborne!!! I LOVED that movie.

I saw it on HBO not too long ago and totally forgot Jack Black is in it! Oh and Seth Green of course.

Way Back When Toy:

Pogs!! I never even played the game that went with pogs, I just had a bunch….and some slammers! haha.

Way Back When Celebrity Crush:

Jason James Richter of Free Willy fame!!! I was OBSESSED with this kid, and the funny thing is, I actually had this signed photograph because I wrote him a fan letter.

Ok, I was thinking I HAVE to add this topic because I crushed on more 90s boys, and can still remember all of their names, than anyone I know. I was a boy crazy freak!!! haha.

Way Back When Clothing:

Haha. This post makes me look like such a tomboy. But I def rocked the No Fear shirts back in the day.

Way Back When Eats: This was the coolest gum ever!! I remember we had this HUGE container of it for one of my birthday parties! haha. Oh it’s the little things when you’re young 🙂

Well that’s it for WBW! Oh and on another note I tried  new larabar today and it’s 10/10!!! If you like Mounds you will die for It’s like a BETTER mounds bar (if that’s even possible!!).

Now that’s really it from me 🙂 Have a great night from Jill & Noodle!

Insert Clever Title

Good morning to all! Hope everyone had a good Tuesday, I def did. I have been feeling a little down lately because I feel like never get to see my bf (except for 1.5 hours of class M-R and about an hour or 2 on T-R; then of course we have the weekends). But regardless it’s not enough for me 😦 So yesterday I took measures into my own hands and packed up my dinner and homework and headed over to spend the whole evening from 530 on at Joeys. It was wonderful and made me feel a lot better!

I also got a BIG perk yesterday with 2 packages!!! The first from the progresso contest I won at

2 soups, a digital jumprope (score!!) and a cup big bowl/mug for soup!! Love it! Thanks Jenny!!

Second package from my mama!! She’s the sweetest woman ever! She sent me a “happy day you get this package” present. She knows I am a SUCKER for professional clothing (I seriously die for work dresses and pencil skirts) so she sent me with wonderful outfit for my upcoming conferences (along with the health promotion conference I also have an I/O Psychology conference in Atlanta in April).

Thanks Mama!!!

Moving on! I did some hot yoga yesterday morning for my workout and then was ready to go for the day! I have also been having some tummy toning issues as of late, and I seriously cannot make myself do ab workouts all the time (I really can’t figure out why I hate ab work so much). So I decided that everyday I am going to fit in just 3 minutes of ab work; 1 min middle plank and 1 min on each side plank. I figure thats do-able, and it’s been going well so far!

Heres some food for my day:

Morning oats

1/2 cup oats, 1 1/4 cup water (need more water because of protein powder), 1/4 cup raisins, 1 scoop protein powder, cinnamon, 1 package stevia (just started using this again), 1 tbsp chia seeds

New protein powder! Double rich chocolate.

Lunch was leftovers of my broccoli, rice mix from a few days back, and a snack was some dates and Amy’s bunnies! Yum!!

Dinner: 1/2 sweet potato with vegan butter and cinnamon, green beans, and tempeh with bbq sauce

BBQ Sauce I have been using, this stuff is LEGIT

Dessert: Banana with dark chocolate dream PB, YUM!!

Well that’s it from me this morning.  Homework to do and then hitting up the gym today for some cardio and weights.

I will be back later today with a way back when wednesday post!

Ohhhhh just saw an Alice in Wonderland preview!! Is anyone else as excited as I am about this movie?? It comes out 5 days before my birthday, so it’s def a date night. (Joey is really excited too!)

And Sleep!


Good evening to all! Noodle could not want to be in this picture less! I am currently running the dishwasher, and working on my 4th load of laundry today (why can’t you just throw everything in together!!! It takes so much more time to do a load of towels, lights, darks, etc!) All while trying to make my skin prettier 🙂

Just wanted to post a quickie about this new cereal I’m eating as a snack lately (I LOVE cereal as a snack!)

Found this bag of millet puffs at the natural foods store and it has 10 servings (1 cup each) and it was under $3. Also 1 cup = 50 calories!!!!! Holy cow! I typically add some raisins, unsweetened coconut, and unsweetened almond milk; yum!

Well that’s about it from me tonight. Dinner was leftovers, and dessert was another gingerbread cookie made by my man!! I’m off to bed because I’m old 🙂 Nighty-night.

Alicia Keys is Magical?!

Warning: yawning puppy ahead

Hello to all! Oh my is this Monday busy! Actually I will busy until spring break, which starts March 5, because teachers always decide to fit a bunch of stuff in before a break. (It has nothing to do with me putting off work of course!!) I cant wait till spring break because I have a week off, then I get to go home to STL with Joey to celebrate my birthday with my family, then off to my conference!! (I really get a 2 week spring break!! AWESOME!)

This morning started off bright and early with some oats. Ran out of my 5-min steel cuts, so I’m now working on a huge container of quakers I had from awhile ago. I think I’m gonna try Bob’s gluten-free rolled oats after these are finished. Has anyone tried those?

*On a side note I am watching an Alicia Keys music video right now where a dog is dead and she touches it and it comes back to life, it’s a little weird for me.

Oats this morning were 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1 spoonful of The Bees Knees PB (SOOOOO GOOD!!), 1 tbsp flax seed, 1/2 tbsp chia seed, 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder. It was incredibly delicious and filling.

I also wanted to share the new kind of coffee I have been drinking. I found this at Mama Jeans and it is one of the best coffee’s I’ve had in a long time! It’s from Arkansas, so I don’t know how far ranging it’s sold but the website is I encourage you to check it out! Organic, free trade, and bird friendly!

Well this morning I have already done some reading for class and am about to make my bed (a MUST for the day) and head to yoga. After that I have to run to Mama Jeans to pick up a few things and then head to class.

I already packed my lunch so I thought I would share.

Ezekiel tortilla with dark chocolate dream pb and cinnamon. There will also be a bartlett pear and carrots

Oh, and my dinner last night turned out really well and it was so easy! Just threw together 2 cups of the basmati brown rice I cooked, 1 bag steamed broccoli, 2 tbsp sliced almonds, 2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce, 1 quorn chicken break cubed (this brand is incredibly good btw) in a big sauce pan with 1/2 tbsp vegan butter and heated up. It was very yummy!

I also had the last piece of Joeys homemade foccacia (bottom left hand corner)

Well that’s it from me this morning. Hope everyone has a great monday! Mine is going surprisingly well so far, but it’s still early 🙂

Weekend Recap

Hell0 and happy Sunday to all!! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, I seriously did! Sorry for not posting this weekend, but since I am so busy with school and my man has 2 jobs and goes to school (he’s incredible!) we don’t get to spend that much time together, so weekends are dedicated to us! 🙂

Friday we went to see Shutter Island and it was fab! Super Hitchcock-ien (which I love Hitchcock), so it was really entertaining the whole way through (which I can’t say about many movies these days!).  Joey and I are both trying to be healthy with snacking over Lent (since we both gave up soda and ice cream) so instead of getting popcorn and no soda at the movies, which is just a ridiculous thought to me! ha, I brought some fun treats for us!

First time trying these and they are addicting and adorable!

First time trying these and they are addicting and adorable!

I LOVE these pre-made vegan cookies!

I also met Joey beforehand for a quick dinner and threw together some Annie’s Cheese & Shells (it was an Annie’s night apparently) and Amy’s Chunky Tomato Bisque Soup.

I really liked it because it wasn't too cheesy, but I think Joey prefers a little more cheese

"It tastes like Spaghetti O's, in a good way"- Joey

This weekend I have also had 2 LaraBars (Oh and I want to apologize for my internet pics! It was that kind of weekend)

USED to be my favorite

NEW favorite! HOLY YUM!

Saturday I had a bunch of homework to do, but I did make it to a power yoga class that totally kicked my ass, in a good way, and ran 15 min! I’m working my way back! Yippee!! Joey made an awesome dinner of shrimp and polenta (my first experience with polenta and I love it!! He used Bob’s brand.)

He also made homemade gingerbread cookies, I almost died these were so good!! He used an Ina Garten recipe but substituted honey for molasses. (Sorry no pic of these, I inhaled it too fast).

Yesterday I also picked up these beauties

HOLY MONKEY I had the DCD in my oats this morn, and I almost DIED it is so good!!!! My oats consisted of 1/2 cup oatmeal in 1 cup water, 1 spoonful of DCD, 1 tbsp flax seed, 1/2 tbsp chia seeds, 1/2 banana, and raisins. It was one of my best combinations EVER!!!!! I can’t wait to try the Bee’s Knees; that one is new to me too!

Later today I am heading to the gym to get in some cardio and watch the Celebrity Rehab episode I missed. (I hope I’m not the only one who plans my gym trips around tv shows, haha).  Tonight will be filled with homework, laundry, and an asian inspired dinner.

I have been trying to cut down on buying random things at the supermarket because I have stuff in my cabinets that I need to use. Case in point:

My mom got me this big bag over Christmas and I still haven’t used it! So today I used the rice cooker option in my steamer and cooked up some that I can use throughout the week! Must be more aware of what I spend in comparison to what I have!!

Well that’s it from me here. Hope you all have a fabulous night and I promise to actually take more pictures this week and opposed to google-imaging my pics 🙂