Avocadon’t? (Man, I’m Hilarious)

Today has been crazy filled with comp test preparation and on top of that I have a terrible tummy ache, I got one yesterday too. The final verdict about what happened. 2 days, 2 debilitating tummy aches around 2 o’clock (lasting for hours), and the only change in diet is I had avocados with both lunches. OMG this makes me very angry because I love avocados! But I do rarely eat them, so it makes sense that I might not have noticed this before. I have a lot of tummy issues, so now add avocados to the “do not eat list”. Boo.

Well I just wanted to fill you all in really quick, my posts might start to dwindle here in the next few weeks because I am so busy with test prep. I am also thinking about changing my formatting a bit. Hmmmmm.

I may post later if I get some free time! Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


4 Responses

  1. aw bummer about avocados upsetting your stomach 😦 hoep you can enjoy them someday in the future!!


  2. ha you are hilarious 🙂

    hope youre doing well darling, good luck with all the work!

  3. not the avocados!!!!!!! 😦

  4. Hey lady love, sucks about the avocados but its cool that you could nail down what was bothering you. Do what you got to do with school–we all come and go as we need to and that’s okay. Hope your feeling better!

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