Good morning to all! Hope everyone had a wonderful evening! No complaints here because after my long day, Joey came over and made me a delicious dinner!

Barley Soup

It was soooo good! And the perfect meal for a cold winter day. Click here for the recipe. To tide me over until dinner I snacked on some Mary’s Crackers, which Joey was not a fan of. ha. Can’t win ’em all!

We enjoyed the wonderful soup while watching the new season of the biggest loser. I have been watching this show since it started and am shocked every season when the contestants just get bigger and bigger. It is so scary. I was honestly nervous to watch them do a lot of the working out because I’m afraid they are gonna hurt themselves! On the positive, the huge weight loss numbers just shows how adding some physical activity and changing your eating habits can dramatically change your body.

Yesterday I finally opened another fun treat I got at Whole Foods, Dr. Krackers!!! I got the seeded spelt flavor and let me tell you these things are delish! They are crisp and tasty; I have found that I really love things filled with seeds. I covered mine in some peanut butter for a snack.

Yesterday I was also able to FINALLY get everything un-packed and my apartment in order. I discovered that I have a problem, I have way too much stuff. In order to battle this (especially before the move-out, which won’t be for 6 months, but might as well prepare a little at a time) I have been trying to get rid of the things I don’t need. For instance before break I donated a bunch of old sweaters to the local domestic violence shelter, throwing out magazine I have been hoarding for no good reason, and tossing old towels that I never use. Sometimes it is hard to part with these objects (I’m not fully sure why) but sometimes you just have to put your foot down and go for it! While getting organized I sipped on some Masala Chai teas that Joey got me for Christmas.

For dessert last night I had a Van’s organic waffle with raw cinnamon honey and a bunch of raisins, YUM!

Today I think I am going to hit up the gym for a little cardio and possibly go to another hot yoga class later this afternoon, haven’t fully decided yet. I started Whittle My Middle 2 yesterday and let me tell you it’s an intense tummy workout. I am still working on getting my body back into shape after the winter holiday. Gotta get used to working out on a daily basis again.

I also need to get to work on preparing for my big test on Feb 6 (tentative date). This is the comprehensive test for our program, eek! It makes my stomach hurt a little thinking about it, awesome!

Well I hope everyone has a great day! Anyone else feeling a little out of shape after the break?

5 Responses

  1. that soup sounds delicious 🙂 nice of him to make it for you! and i have never had those crackers but have always thought they’d be delicouss. and i missed BL 😦 i heard smeone lost like 30 pounds though in one week..crazy!


  2. That soup looks so freakin’ good! I would eat a big bowl of it right now. It would be perfect for this cold Chicago day!

  3. Hi Jill! I’m Kristyna, I’m enjoying reading your blog. I’m 25 and totally relate to going through difficult times in your life, then coming out on the other side with a passion for health, food, fitness and other positive ventures! Good luck with your blogging! 🙂

  4. you are goign to do GREAT on your test love!!!!!
    that soup looks so great bc im freeeeezing.

  5. Meee! I need my routine back. I want that soup. Yum. Nice work donating to a shelter. I used to answer the hotline at a DV shelter and it was sooo sad. Hope you had a great day.

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