Bad Day

Hello all. Bad news, on my way back to Springfield I skidded on some ice which spun my car around a few times and hit the middle wire things that keep you out of the ditches. Luckily noodle and I are ok, but I’m pretty shook up. This happened about 45 miles out of town and because of the snow storm I was stranded at the police station waiting for a tow truck for 5 hours. Finally made it home and dropped car off at the Honda place. I guess I’ll find out more tomorrow. I have my computer, but it’s outta juice and the charger is trapped in my trunk (along with half my stuff) because 1/2 my car is crunched in. This means I can only blog from my phone, so don’t be mad that I’ll miss my morning post 😦 what a great start to the new year.

Trying to feel better by cuddling with my man and drinking some electric reindeer. Hope everyone had a better day than me and please be safe on the roads! I’ll be in a better mood soon I promise.

Here are pics of my wine and noodle sleeping on my lap at the police station while using my scarf as a blanket.


5 Responses

  1. aww love i am so sorry about the accident!! i am so glad you are ok but i’m sure that was really scary 😦 cute picture of noodle, hope you get home safely!!


  2. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry that that happened but I am soo glad you’re alright! I know how scary that kind of thing can be, but now you know that someone was looking out for you and precious Noodle! Hope everything turns out alright with the car, you’ll have to let us know.

  3. I’m so glad you and Noodle are ok!!! That sounds horribly scary 😦
    Sending good vibes your way Jillz!!!! Hope everything turns out ok with the car and that you are ok too!!!!

  4. Oh no, how terrifying. I have done the spin around in circles in the middles of the highway thing before and it’s SO scary. I think I’m still traumatized. Happy to hear you and the noodster are okay. I can only imagine how much worse it must feel knowing your precious pup is in the car. Too bad you couldn’t have cracked open that wine bottle at the police station. Would have made for a much easier wait.

  5. Oh no! Car accidents are such a bummer, but you’re so lucky to be ok! This winter weather needs to go away asap as to prevent any future occasions such as this. Cute pic of Noodle!

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