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Good evening to all! Just wanted to write a quick blog because I almost forgot Lindsay at GoodiesGalore gave me a Beautiful Blogger award before I went on vacation! So here are 7 fun facts about me:

1) In 5th grade my nickname was Susie Sausage Head, and to this day I have no idea what it was supposed to mean.

2) On my left wrist I have a tattoo that says “SJ” standing for Sanders-Jubinski the two last names in my family. I got it in remembrance of my mom’s parents because since I won’t be able to carry on their name, they are always visually (along with spiritually) a part of me. Love you and miss you Grandma & Poppa!!

3) Ever since I was in grade school I have been OBSESSED with Texas (I have no clue why, but my mom even found an old Christmas card that spoke on it and said, NO JOKE ‘Jill is convinced she will marry someone from Texas’) and in college I met one of my best friends who ended up being from Texas and in grad school Joey, who is from Texas.

4) My favorite actor is Emile Hirsch and most people have never heard of him 😉

5) My favorite movie ever is Wayne’s World and there is a scene is it when Garth holds up a cue card that says “this man has no penis” and I remember not getting the joke when I was younger because I thought it said, “this man has no pennies”

6) I have always been obsessed with celebrity gossip and when I was little my dad was deployed for a year so to cheer my sister and I up my mom “gave” us his study and we covered it wall-to-wall (seriously no white spaces) with pictures from BOP magazine (I hope someone remembers this mag besides me! Ha) and we called it “the star room.” Hahaha. I have always been lame 🙂

7) I still sleep with my teddy bear, his name is “teddy” another clever name!!

That’s it from me! Hope everyone had a great day and a regular blog post will come in the morn!


2 Responses

  1. I have to laugh at the Susie Sausage Head thing. Ridiculous but pretty funny. Never heard of your actor. Cute list. Night!

  2. I totally used to LOVE Bop and then the Big Bopper came out and I fell in love all over again!

    How funny!

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