Christmas Eve Dinner Photos

The Spread

Nice Packaging πŸ˜‰

Nothing Says "Class" Like A Bucket of Chicken and Champagne

My Plate

I Like To Say "Andre" Like Tim Gunn Used To Pronounce Andre's Name A Few Seasons Ago On Project Runway, Sounds Sophisticated, Haha

My Dessert; Plus Some Tempt Ice Cream Later πŸ™‚

Mama Made Herself Cocoa In This Adorable Mug

I LOVE This Mug!! It's So 60s/70s

Overall wonderful night! And Julie & Julia was really cute, even though I didn’t like the ending. But oh well! Time to wrap a few last minute presents for James and head to bed before Santa gets here! Long day ahead!! Happy Holidays to all!!!


8 Responses

  1. hahhaha perfect- love the andre!


  2. KFC! too funny. I just got Julie and Julia in the mail and will probably be watching it tonight, good to hear it’s entertaining! Have a good Christmas!

  3. SO CUTE.

    Thinking about you! Merry Christmas, darling!

    xo Rebecca

  4. This sounds like so much fun! Also, I say, “Andre” aaaall the time! Love Tim Gunn. πŸ˜›

  5. Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed your KFC! That used to be one of me and my dad’s favorite places to go for lunch. Thank you for the Christmas greetings!

  6. Wait, what was the ending again? Were you wishing she’s blog longer? I was. Merry Christmas Jill.

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