Merry Christmas Eve!

Look who I found canoodling on the couch earlier!

Noodle & Layla: BFF

Hello!! Hope everyone is having a great Christmas Eve.  Mine has been pretty good so far, and it will only get better when my family gets our annual Christmas Eve dinner of KFC!!!! YUM!!! We have been doing KFC on Christmas Eve since I was probably 5 years old, LONG tradition 🙂 I love fun holiday traditions. It’s also really nice for one night not to worry about having to cook up a big meal. Mama and myself have lots of cooking to do tomorrow; I will keep you all updated!

Today Mama and me ran some errands around town, mostly to get supplies for tomorrow. I am making breakfast, a desserty-appitizer, and a casserole. I hope they turn out!

Food that went in my belly:


I'm Too Predictable

You guessed it, Seedy PB Banana Oats. I tried tea this morning too instead of coffee, Republic of Tea Comfort and Joy, but I don’t feel like it woke me up like a nice cup of coffee does. And don’t worry, I am not making Oats for breakfast for the family tomorrow!

Snack: I also had a handful of walnuts to tide me over till lunch.

Lunch: I had to get some chunky PB for one of my recipes tomorrow so I got Smart Balance, which I have never had before and wanted to try it with lunch. OMG is this stuff good!! It is just the right amount of chunky and the PB was still creamy (if that even makes sense) I mixed my PB with some flax seed meal and spread it on 2 pieces of ezekiel bread with a sliced up banana. As a side I mixed brussels sprouts and leftover chickpeas.

Snack:The other day I had this bar in the variety made with date syrup, today’s is made with molasses. I can’t pick my favorite, they are seriously incredible though. And you get three little bars in each pack so it’s a lot of goodness!

*I also drank my whole water bottle which I filled with water this morning. I am always trying to up my water intake, this is not an easy task for myself for 2 reasons: 1) They say everyone has the same size bladder and I call BS, I will seriously pee 7 times before lunch if I have more than a cup or so of coffee. 2) I find water quite boring, unless it’s after a hard workout.

Gym Time: Today I hit up my parents treadmill while I watched some classy Divorce Court, did I mention I LOVE court tv shows? Even though I never get the chance to watch them anymore, they remind me of undergrad. I did a pretty intense hill workout and got my sweat on:

Minutes Incline
1-5 2
5-10 3
10-15 4
15-20 5
20-25 6
25-30 7
30-35 7
35-40 6
40-45 5
45-50 4
50-55 3
55-60 2

After I worked on the Abs:

2 minutes middle plank on hands

1 minute middle plank on forearms

1 minute side plank on each side

25 exercise ball roll outs

25 exercise ball leg roll ins (have ball under legs while balancing forearms on the floor, bring knees into chest while feet are on the top of the ball)

Well it’s time to get ready for dinner over here! I’ll post some KFC pictures later! Oh and Mama and me ended up having to run around town a bunch last night so by the time we got home, she was a little too tired to start a movie. I watched a little bit of Confessions of a Shopaholic, but had to turn it off because I am seriously obsessed with those books (I have read every single one, theres like 5/6, they are the only chick books I like) and this movie was such an airhead blah! It was just making me mad, it could have been sooooo much better. But I do really like Isla Fischer, she’s adorable. I think we are going to watch Julia & Julia tonight after dinner though!

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening filled with family and friends!!


3 Responses

  1. How is that gingerbread chai tea? Never heard of that but it sounds great. Merry Christmas to youuuuuu!

  2. ooh those puppies are TOOO cute!

    Thinking about you! Merry Christmas, darling!

    xo Rebecca

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