No Taco Tuesday!

Hello all! I just realized it’s Tuesday and I didn’t eat anything mexican! Whoops!

Today was soooo busy. Freaking babies! I just finally sat down for the day with a glass of vino to wind down.

What’s currently in my belly:

Dessert last night:

Purely Decadent: Chocolate PB Swirl. Made with Coconut Milk

This coconut ice cream was SOOOOO FREAKING GOOD!! The peanut butter in it was really creamy, YUM! I also added a flour-less pb cookie to the mix; hey! I had a long run that I needed to balance out calorie-wise 🙂

Breakfast: Same old boring-ness. I swear I am OBSESSED with Seedy PB Banana Oats, I prolly need an intervention.

Snack: Taking a page out of the book of Mon Petit Peche Mignon (I only had to look up the last word of that! I impressed myself!) I added a holiday ambiance to this apple photo 🙂


Leftover Cracked Wheat, Garbanzo Bean, Broccoli, Spaghetti Sauce Mix, Brussels Sprouts, and Carrots Drizzled with Raw Cinnamon Honey and Golden Raisins

Snack: THIS IS THE BEST BAR EVER!!!! I can only find them at Dierbergs, not in MO so I stock up when I come in town. They taste like candy, and who doesn’t like candy?!

Dinner: Bread Co! (aka Panera for all of you not from the STL)

1/2 Mediterranean Veggie Sammy & Mary's Crack

Mediterranean Veggie was sooo good, I wish I hadn’t gotten a you pick two actually. It included: Zesty Peppadew™ piquant peppers, feta cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cilantro hummus on our Tomato Basil bread (I had it on stone-milled rye instead). I also had there black bean soup, it’s one of my favorites.

Black Bean Soup

And for my “carb” I added my own Mary’s Crackers. I misspoke yesterday when I said they were the original flavor, I looked today and they are the black onion, VERY tasty.

Gym Time: I took a much deserved break from the gym today, mostly because this was me by the end of last night.

Ice Packs on Knees, Noodle, Stephen King Book, iPhone, Heating Blanket on Feet

Actually my legs didn’t feel too bad today, but I still deserved  a day off! I think I will try to fit in some ab exercises tonight though!

Tonight will include some wine with my mama and a scrabble re-match. I am going to humiliate her just like last time. muhahaha! J/K of course, but I am going to win 🙂

Just for fun, here is the baby J rundown:

Approx. 7 am (I had been up since 630, my internal clock is a mess)

Being a ham for Auntie Jill

Sharing toys with Noodle

Running around the house in his walker for hours like a madman!

Before the shopping outing

Ready to meet Santa!!

James is on the "nice" list

That’s it from here! Hope everyone has a wonderful night!

5 Responses

  1. Love the Mediterranean Veggie from Panera. So yummy!

  2. What a cute baby!

    The black bean soup looks so good. I’m actually going to stop at panera on my way home and try some.

    Happy Holiday’s!

  3. Hey! I have that long sweater! From Banana?

  4. omg Jillz I am still wondering why I didn’t name my blog in English. Would have been soo much easier!!
    hahaha I love the Christmas ambiance in your pics! My little sister, who think food blogging in weird and wonders why anyone would read a food blog, caught me taking a picture of a banana in front of a pointsetta and she died laughing. oh well. I LOVVVE the pic of James with Santa, how super cute is that?!?

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