Looooooooong Run!

Hello all! Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday! It is so much nicer when school or work is not involved in a Monday, there are not so bad! 🙂

Look who showed up at my doorstep this morning!

Baby James

Mama and me babysat little James all day, it was wonderful. But let me tell you, babies are a handful!! They just never stop moving. Today we:

played with g-ma

ate cheerios

played some more

and ate some more!

This will all go down for the next 2 days! I am very excited for every second I get to spend with my nephew, he is my best friend 🙂 Besides Noodle, who got a haircut today by the way!

New Haircut

Food Rundown:

Dessert Last Night:

Tempti Chocolate Fudge Hemp Ice Cream

This was EXCELLENT. I loving trying all different types of dairy free ice cream. It is so much easier on the belly!


Seedy PB Banana Oats & Chocolate Peppermint Twist Coffee (I'm boring I know!)

I also made my mom a Chocolate Vivanno Breakfast Cookie. She’s hooked!


SouthWest Veggie Chili, Brussels Sprouts, and Mary's Crackers

These brussels sprouts are from an individual eagle eye steamer bag, and they were BOMB! I was very impressed. Also, it was my first experience with Mary’s Crackers. These are the original flavor and they are so good. They have a grainy texture which I really enjoyed, and they are so crispy. It was a nice change with chili instead of a roll as my carbs.


Banana Bread LaraBar (notice that I've already torn open the wrapping!)

YUMMY!! I seem to like everything banana bread flavored.

When I got home from my run I had some Adagio Peppermint Tea which was super delish.

Adagio Peppermint Tea

It had a BIG peppermint kick to it, which I really liked, but if you only like a hint of peppermint, it might be a little much for you.

Dinner: I made the cracked wheat, garbanzo bean, broccoli, spaghetti sauce mix (check out the newly renovated recipe page!) for my main dish (side dish for the parents)

I also used Newman’s Olive Oil & Vinegar Salad Dressing (4 tbsp) to marinate 2 huge chicken breasts (about 4-5 servings) for my parents. (When chicken breasts are really thick I cut them in half length wise so they are easier to cook without making them super dry!)They really enjoyed it!

Gym Time: One reason I am soooo happy to be home is because my parents live in the mix of about 4 neighborhoods so there is so many places to go run. Where I live in MO it’s right by a highway, so my running places are limited. Well I have been saving up my running energy so I could do a long run here and boy did I! I ran for 1 hour and 33 minutes!!! That’s the longest I have ever run! (Beating my old record by 3 minutes, ha) It was about 32 degrees out, which really is the perfect running weather in my opinion. It’s only cold for the first couple minutes and then it’s not hot enough where you are super sweaty or anything. And I love the feeling of the crisp air, it’s all so therapeutic for me. I actually felt like I could run longer, but my hips started hurting, which was very weird since I have NEVER experienced hip pain before! I know that it is pretty common in long distance runs though, so I’m not too worried. Although I couldn’t run long distances all the time, I very much believe that it is important to push yourself in workouts and kind of shock your body every once in awhile! Keep your body guessing!!

Well that’s it from here tonight, currently watch the finale of the Sing-Off!! I really hope Nota wins, but anyone besides Voices of Lee is really ok with me. Nothing like making a friendly competition more Christmas-y by routing AGAINST teams. haha. Oh and Boyz II Men just performed (well sans 1 member). I LOVE them! They were actually my first concert I ever went to! What was yours? In the same line, what was your first CD? Mine was the Free Willy Soundtrack, Simpsons Sing the Blues was my second. haha.


9 Responses

  1. First concert was Dave Matthews and my first CD was something Disney I believe…maybe Pocahontas? 😛

  2. what a great run!! 🙂 you should be so proud, that’s amazng. & omg baby james is probably the cutesttt thing i’ve ever seen. tempti sounds pretty good too- i’ve never actually tried nondairy ice cream!


  3. Congrats on your long rung! The garbanzo bean dish looks awesome! Btw, butterfly pose is a great hip stretch after a long run!

  4. an hour and 33 minutes?? Geez Jillz you’re a rockstar 😉

    Love all the nephew pics, he is adorable! And I love Mary’s Crack. You will be hooked 🙂

  5. James is adorable. He’s just another reason I want to get healthy. So i can have cute babies like James!

    Tempt appeals to me– delicious, where did you find it?

    Thank you for your comments and support. I genuinely appreciate and value your genuine words.

    Stay strong, stay positive- it’s the most wonderful time of the year. And if it’s not, make it one.
    love ya bec xo

  6. love love baby james!!
    congratulations on the awesome run!!
    happy tuesday!

  7. You must be very happy that Nota won. I never watched the show until the big win. I wasn’t impressed by the Tufts kids-they were too high school musical for me. Awesome job on your long ass run. Your legs are going to be hurting tomorrow. Babies are SUCH a handful-but so joyous (until they whine and cry.) Baby J is a doll!

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