Photo Recap of the Day

Hello all! Sorry not to blog until so late! I have been super busy today running around town and tonight Joey and I had our Christmas celebration. So here is a photo recap of my life since last night.

Dinner Last Night: Red Chili Fettuccine with a Creamy Cilantro Sauce with Shrimp, Corn, Sun-Dried Tomatoes,and Black Beans. Side of brussels sprouts and onions. SUPER YUM!!!!

Lunch was leftovers: "taco" stuff from lunch yesterday and brussels sprouts from dinner last night. I'm officially OBSESSED with brussels sprouts!

Dinner tonight: Veggie Gyro and salad with balsamic

Side order of fried zucchini, there are no words for the awesomeness

Noodle becomes "paralyzed" when you put something on her head. I swear it's like the movie mannequin

Champagne for our early Christmas celebration

Before presents 🙂

Noodle was so into presents, she was ripping the paper off everything!

A present Joey got me! Tea pot and so much nice loose leaf tea! I will be blogging about it as I try it. And this brand Adagio Tea, has the CUTEST packaging ever BTW.

My mom got Joey a Camp Rock Cookbook, I almost peed my pants. (She got it as a joke b/c I am lame and love the Jonas Brothers)

Mama got us this like luxury scrabble, it kicks ass. It has a lazy susan on the bottom! We love scrabble.

Present from me. I got Joey the first 2 seasons of Mad Men. I also got him 2 sweaters and the new Michael Crighton book.

Joey got me a food processor!!!!! Best bf EVER!!!

Well that’s it from here!! I hope that everyone had a good day and I will be back to a legit post tomorrow. XO!

*Oh and I almost forgot! I got a Soy gingerbread latte last night, DELISH!! I give it 2 very enthusiastic Christmas thumbs up!

9 Responses

  1. that gyro looks awesomee & i absolutely adoreee noodle… sooo cute!! glad u liked your latte 🙂


  2. You are lucky! I want a food processor!

  3. I am in love with Brussels too! I usually roast mine with sweet potato and a tad bit of EVOO and sea salt!

    Noodle is such a sweetheart!!


  4. You are so cute with the food processor!! That’s totally a gift I would go crazy for lol.

  5. Hahahahaha your mom is hilarious!! I love Miley Cyrus so we’re a match made in Disney heaven 🙂 Make something from the cookbook and blog about it!!

  6. What a great little Christmas you guys had. And the eats look amazing! Gingerbread anything is a wonderful thing. For some reason I cannot get into brussels. I’ve tried them many times and I think they are just not for me. Thanks again for the email Jill. xo

  7. I have to try a soy gingerbread latte!!!!! Love starbucks!!

    Love your blog!!!! Your pups are so cute too!!!!

    Food Processor!! I need to get one of those, what a great present!!!

    Have a good nite!!!!

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