Bikram Yoga Day!!

Good afternoon all my lovely readers! Hope all is well on this Thursday. Today has been an AWESOME day so far.

I have been recently searching for a yoga studio in Springfield and found out about a “hot” yoga studio in town from one of my girlfriends at dinner last night (hot meaning temperature wise of course!) I was SOOO anxious to try it out that I went in for a class this morning! I figured since I was up early for my shift at Banana from 7-9 that I best make the most out of my day! Class was at 930 and honestly I was super nervous. Especially after I walked in the yoga room for the first time; they keep the room at 105 degrees so it is kind of overwhelming at first. It’s weird because it’s not even necessarily heat wise that its overwhelming, but all of a sudden you walk in and you feel the warmth and your brain goes “what the f are you doing?!?” haha. The class was an hour and a half and fairly soon into it you are sweating up a storm and feeling good. I FREAKING LOVED IT! I think it added like an adreneline factor to my workout which I really enjoyed. I seriously love pushing myself in the gym and this was like getting to push yourself in class. It is of course, very important to stay hydrated throughout class, and I made sure to be drinking my water all the time. Especially since this was my first time, I didn’t want to over-exert myself. The coolest thing about this workout was it fixed my main yoga problem, wandering mind. When you are in these conditions you are forced to concentrate on your poses more and be listening to your body to make sure you are feeling good! I was on a high when I left! And there was a lot of nice people in class who were chatting with me afterwards. I really like that because I don’t have a ton of friends in town (this is not like undergrad were you socialize constantly, I mean there are 10 people in my program), so it’s really fun to meet new people!

Ok enough about that! Ha. Here is the rundown of grub time!

Dinner last night: I went out for Japanese and had some wonderful miso soup and vegetarian lovers “sushi” (I don’t know if it’s really sushi if you don’t have seafood in it). I a sushi novice so I had to eat it with a fork, don’t judge! haha.


Seedy Banana Oats & Coffee

Snack: Before yoga I had a piece of ezekiel bread with almond butter (I was nervous to lose energy during class so I wanted to eat for sure!)


Ezekiel tortilla with kidney & pinto beans and rice with green beans and an apple


Van's Organic Waffle with raw cinnamon honey and raisins

Dinner: Special holiday dinner with Joey tonight! We are having some pasta and shrimpy with brussel sprouts!

Oh also! We are going to Starbucks for a fun holiday drink tonight, and I need some input on what to get! What’s your favorite Starbucks holiday drink?

7 Responses

  1. sushi is my favorite!! i think there are certain rolls that give you a good sushi experience w/o fish.i recommend sweet potato rolls 🙂 & hot yoga sounds awesome!! i was going to wake up today and go to a yoga/pilates combo class but then i slept instead 😀

    starbucks holiday drink…hmmm i’d go for eithe rpeppermint mocha or caramel brulee


  2. Jillz! Hot yoga sounds awesome! I have yet to try it but there is a studio in my hometown so I may have to check it out when I go home for Christmas. I love to sweat 😀 I am so with you on the friends thing, I just moved to Boston and its hard to make friends when you’re not in college anymore…
    As for the Starbucks drink.. I just tried a nonfat caramel brulee latte (no whip, obvs) and it was pretty good, not too sweet but still felt like a treat. I want to try an eggnog latte but I’m not sure I want to drink 400 cals.. lol… I’ll proabably do it anyway sometime. Do they still have the salted butter caramel hot chocolate? Cause that, I would so try. And now, I have written a novel on your blog. I’m done. Have a great night girly! xox

  3. I think my favorite in a pepermint mocha. It is pretty yummy. The hot chocolates are amazing, too. Trust me, they are so yummy! Just so you know, I mentioned you on my blog because I made a version of the vegan pancakes! Thank you!

  4. Chai latte is the shiz! I am seriously terrified of yoga and think I would kill someone in a room that hot. Good for you though. I’m glad you loved it so much. Hope you had a nice din din with the bf–shrimpy shrimp!

  5. gah i wana try bikram SOO much!! i bet id love it-sounds so hardcore.

    i LOVE peppermint mocha from starbucks 🙂 my fav!

  6. I always go for Americano or vanilla latte…i might have to switch it up over christmas 🙂

  7. I am so boring when it comes to Starbucks because I always get the same thing. Skinny vanilla latte with no foam. However, it might be good if you ask for a pump or two of peppermint syrup?

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