I Heart Pandora

Hello & good afternoon to all! This is the current state of the Jubinski apt. I am with the computer in my chair, with tea and the iPhone, while Noodle is wedged below in between the chair and table. haha. Hope everyone is having a fabulous day! I seriously have been living on the Pandora Christmas station I created. I know they have their own Christmas stations, but when I put in All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah then it has lead to lots of glorious music!

It has been so nice since school ended just a mere day ago! Here are some of the things done that don’t normally get to fit in my schedule: I have hung out with Joey starting at 5 pm (instead of around 10!), gone to Target (MY FAVORITE), enjoyed some vino, slept in a little, gotten to meet Joey for lunch, and run errands! It has been wonderful! And I’m meeting some girls from my program for dinner.

Here is a rundown of whats been going in my belly:

Dinner last night:

Vegan Blueberry Pancakes

OMG were these suckers good! They are SOOOO simple too! Here is a link to the recipe, this time I just added in 1/2 tbsp agave nectar and blueberries (I love how it turns them purple). For the topping I mixed maple syrup and blueberries, YUM!!


Seedy Apple Cinnamon PB Oats & Chocolate Peppermint Twist Coffee

Yes you read that right, Chocolate Peppermint Twist coffee!! Did I mention how much I LOVE target; here is my new supply.

Target Coffees

Snack: I find that since I typically eat breakfast so early (around 6-7) I HAVE to have a snack to make it to lunch. This morning I had a blueberry Z-bar.

Lunch: I got to meet Joey for lunch at an old favorite of ours, Planet Sub. They have tons of veggie options, and I got my FAVORITE kind of sammy, even when I’m not a veggie, Portabella/Mozzarella. I mean look at this, SERIOUSLY?! Awesome.


Banana Sammy

I swear no matter how much I eat for meals I have to snack in between!

Gym Time:

Started my workout with a 10 minute warm up on the elliptical. Remember to loosen up your muscles before you start in on weights!

Two 5-exercise Circuits:

I did these 3 times through (I can through the first 3 times consecutively and then went to the second), with 100 jump rope reps in between each circuit

Exercise Reps
Leg Press 15
Tricep Pull-Down Machine 15
Lat Pull-Down Machine 15
One-Leg Squat 25 on each leg
Bench Press 15

Exercise Reps
Inclined Bench Press 15
Wide Squat and Overhead Press 15
Bicep Pull-Up Machine 15
Wallsit 1 minute
Push-ups 15

Ab Workout: (I tend to scatter these throughout my circuits)

45 Leg Pull-Ups on that machine where you hold yourself up above the ground

1 minute middle plank on forearms

1 minute middle plank on hands

1 minute middle plank with forearms on the end of a chair

1 minute side plank on forearms (1 minute on each side)

25 side plank switches

Well that’s all from me for now! I’m gonna do a little reading for FUN (so excited! I’m a nerd) and then head to dinner! I have to work from 7-9 tomorrow morning, what kind of crap is that?! It’s my last shift and so they scheduled me to do markdowns which I have NEVER done before, I think they are honestly just doing it to be rude. But whatever! Hope everyone has a wonderful night!!


6 Responses

  1. i LOVE TARGET TOO!! i went there today!! LOVE the sugar cookie coffee but didnt like the peppymint as much 😦

    hahahah i love that you said it hurts your lady parts.. it KILLED mine the first 2 classes..but then i got used to it i guess?

  2. that sandwich sounds amazing! & omg- first stop = target when i gethome. i didn’t know they had that kind of coffee! it sounds perfect. noodle is hte cutest name for a dog. i have a pandora station with all i want for christmas is you as the first song!! 🙂


  3. OMG I am going to Target now. I had no clue they carried such ridiculously awesome coffee flavours.

  4. I love Target but rarely look at the food and coffee section. I’m going to go see if my local target has that coffee flavor. Would be great to serve Christmas morning!

  5. Yay pancakes!!

    LOVE pandora also– never fails to put a smile on my face

    Have a fabulous day darling
    xo bec

  6. I agree. Those coffees look amazing! I posted a new recipe up today and it is amazing, we had it for thanksgiving and everyone ate it up!
    Cant believe its almost Christmas!

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