3 Semesters Down, 1 To Go!!

YAY!!! I’M FINISHED!!! I could not be happier! I just emailed in my last paper and it’s over! Now I can be my jovial self again!

Here is a quick rundown on some of the food I’ve been intaking lately:

Dinner Last Night:

Vegan Burrito and Broccoli

I went to workout late so when I came home I decided to just heat up this vegan burrito and some broccoli. To be honest, I really just don’t like pre-prepared meals, even if they are good. I find when I make something myself it keeps me full for so much longer. As far as this burrito goes, it tasted good, but when it came out of the microwave it was like REALLY mushy, and just looked unappetizing.

Breakfast: I have found my favorite blend of morning oats!

Seedy PB Banana Oats & Coffee

It’s the same as yesterday: 1/2 cup oats (made with 1/2 cup almond milk and 1/4 cup water), 1 tbsp natural pb, 1 tbsp chia seed meal, 1 tbsp flax seed meal, and 1 banana. It is seriously delish!

Snack: In between breakfast and lunch I had an apple to tide me over (I got up at 6 to take an online test! Now that’s dedication!!)

Lunch: To get myself through the final few hours of work, I rewarded myself with a Taco Tuesday taco salad!!

In Celebration of Taco Tuesday

OMG SOOO GOOD! I simply mushed up a vegan boca burger, and sauteed it for a bit with a bunch of broccoli and about 1/4 cup red onions. I used organic yellow corn tostitos tortillas chips and then dumped the saute mix on. Then topped it with fresh salsa and spicy guac. This was such a good lunch! I also had a carrot cake cookie for dessert.

Snack: I am about to have ants on a carrot log AGAIN! This is such a great afternoon snack. Today I think I will go back to almond butter, raw honey, and raisins.

Gym Time:

Last Night’s Workout: I ended up doing 4 miles on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the elliptical. Then I worked my abs. The Whittle My Middle Challenge I was participating in called for you to do abs 5 days a week, and since that is over, I want to keep it up, but I’m switching it down to 4 days a week. Here’s the workout:

1 minute middle plank on hands

1 minute middle plank on forearms

1 minute side plank on forearms (1 minute each side)

1 minute middle plank balancing forearms on exercise ball

25 exercise balls roll-ins (balance tops of feet on the ball and forearms on the floor, pull knees into chest with ball under them)

25 side switch planks on forearms

Today: I hit up a yoga class this morning after my test. I really am loving the changes in my body that yoga is making. I also LOVE it so much because it makes me feel like a dancer again. I danced up through high school and am gaining more flexibility back daily! I really enjoy balance poses because they make me feel like a ballerina 🙂 I planned on staying after for a little hill walking, but to tell you the truth I was exhausted, and when your body doesn’t want to workout, I say don’t force it.

Tonight I’m taking a maple syrup hint from Mon Petit Peche Mignon and making vegan blueberry pancakes for dinner! I can’t wait. I am also having some vino tonight to celebrate being done!

Since I am done with school I feel so much more in the holiday spirit! So I thought I would share some Christmas with the Jubinski’s through the years pictures 🙂 Enjoy!

Christmas 2005

Daddy & I Being Silly 2006

Whole Family Christmas 2007

Mama & Me 2008

Daddy & I 2008 (*I do not actually have a J Lo booty as this picture displays! haha)

I have seen lots of postings lately asking what people’s favorite christmas tradition is, so I thought I would openly share mine! Every Christmas Eve my family and I have KFC and champagne! OMG I can’t wait for this year! (Everybody needs an unhealthy day every once in awhile!!) 🙂

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS day!!


12 Responses

  1. congrats on being done! i’m jealous, but i really should stop complaining, only 1 more to go 🙂
    oh man being in college i live on microwave food, eh it works definitely not my favorite either…
    mm enjoy the pancakes and wine!!
    happy tuesday!

  2. your eats look so good! & you are gorgeous in all those picturesss 🙂 beautiful family
    congrats on being done..that is awesomee
    i hate when microwaveable things turn out like that :-\ sorry girl
    & i think it is awesome you are challenging yourself with yoga… it is something i have always adamantly refused to try because i feel like i’d suck, but after suffering from ED i think it might actually be quiet therapeutic for me..any thoughts/advice on getting starteD?


    • I love yoga so much. It definitely gives me an “outlet” and when I dont necessarily feel like doing hardcore cardio, I can get a great workout in a lighter fashion.

      I have been doing yoga on and off for about 3-4 years, but mostly at my gym which is more of a mixture of yoga and pilates. I am currently researching yoga studios in my area though because I really want to get into it more! I have done pilates at a studio before with the big pilates machine and it is AWESOME.

      It just challenges me in the completely different way, it’s incredible. Now the meditation side of yoga I’m still working on because I have QUITE the wandering and running at a hundred miles a minute mind!

  3. Piggybacking on Shelleys comment– I too cannot get into yoga! I know my dislike has to do with the fact that I suck at it and I also find it boring. To be fair, my gym offers a power yoga class that I can handle but the other ones are slow and I count down the minutes.
    Give us advice!!!! How long and how often have you been practicing yoga. More importantly, CONGRATSSSSS!!! Jealous.

    • I think it just really takes awhile to get into the slower yoga, which is what I really enjoy. My advice is just give it time, I really think that like anything else you kind of have to train yourself to like it.

      But if you like to be more actively challenged I recommend pilates! I did this on the big machine at a studio for awhile and it rocks!

  4. I need to get back into yoga. School totally got in the way! I agree–it makes me feel like a gymnast again. I am naturally flexible so it makes me bendy and thankful for my short stature.

  5. I also need to get back into yoga. I was mad at it for a little while.. but I think it’s time to forgive and forget, hehe.


    Looking forward to the 09 pic 🙂
    bec xo

  6. KFC and champagne for Christmas Eve– love it!

    Congrats on being done– that’s such a great feeling!

  7. BEAUTIFUL pictures!
    love the mexican theme here-burrito and salad .. yum!

  8. ahhh SHOUTOUT!! Thanks girl!! Congrats on being done, I remember how good that feels. I love your flashback Christmas pics too. You’re gorgeous!

    Enjoy your maple syrup feast 🙂

  9. Congrats on being done with everything! Now you can go on and have a fantastic holiday.

    I love Christmas traditions and champagne and KFC sounds really good to me. My family always has Chilli on Christmas eve. Might have to add champagne to that tradition this year!

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