So close, Yet so Far from Christmas!!

Good afternoon my little Chiquita bananas! Hope everyone is having a productive Sunday (I seriously just had to delete the word Thursday, I’m so out of it!) Mine has been good, busy, but very productive! I’ll start with a little food rundown:

Carrot Cake “ice cream” from last night:

Organic Rice Divine Carrot Cake Ice Cream

So it’s more like a sherbet, but I found it delish and the brown sugary pieces in it are DIVINE!


Cinnamon pumpkin raisin oats with banana and AB

Adorable new dollar store coffee cup


2 rice and bean tacos (ezekiel) with salsa and spicy guac

So Joey got this guac last night and left it over here, he wasn’t super impressed, but I thought it was really good! But I also am not as experienced in guac as he is ๐Ÿ˜‰

Snacks: I have held myself to one carrot cake cookie so far today! Success! Also had,

Ants on a raw honey & natural PB log

Dinner: Sunday nights are when Joey makes me dinner so we are having homemade pizza with pesto instead of red sauce, carmalized onions, mushrooms, and spinach! Last time this was the best pizza I have seriously ever eaten! And I cannot wait until tonight!!

Gym Time: I’m about to head to the gym here shortly to do about an hour of hill walking, I don’t feel like doing much but I def need some movement after sitting all day!

I was randomly thinking last night about the things I HAVE to do before bed so I thought I would share:

1) Clean/put in dishwasher all dishes in the sink. I seriously hate waking up to dirty-ness.

2) Wipe my counters with clorox disenfecting wipe

3) Grind the beans and set my coffee maker for the morning

4) Turn on the tv (at 24 I still can’t fall asleep without the tv on, it’s weird. Sometimes I try and then I get really bad anxiety and it inevitably gets turned on).

5) Wash my face. I have bad skin so if I don’t get to wash my face it’s not pretty in the morning. I swear my zits pop up so quick!

My activities are kind of all over the place. Is there anything you must do before bed??


6 Responses

  1. I too have a problem with falling asleep without the TV on. My husband doesn’t understand but it is something I need.

  2. Did you know you don’t get as good of a sleep when the tv is on? (random fun fact, hehe).. i like to set mine on a timer!

    I HAVE to wash my face and brush my teeth. And if my legs aren’t smooth, I have to sleep in pants.. (True story)

    Have a great night
    bec xo

  3. I totally have to wash my face every night, otherwise I might wake up looking like a hormonal, pubescent boy. It’s not pretty. I’m with you on the dirty dishes too, the rest of my house might be cluttered but I freak out when the kicthen is a mess!

  4. i must wash my face, brush my teeth, put the delay on my coffee maker, put lotion on my hands, fill up my water bottles.
    wow that’s kind of a lot of things, ahah
    hope you have a wonderful night!!

  5. Whoa, whoa, whoa – that ice cream! YUM!
    I totally understand the nighttime routine. I have to wash my face and do all of the cleanliness business, then I am kind of dorky and get all my school stuff together for the next day, and sometimes even get my outfit together!

    And I can’t believe your bday is March 10th! Mine’s the 6th, we’re pretty darn close! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. carrot cake ice cream?!?! yumm! i am truly jealous.


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