Whole Wheat Pumpkin Gnocchis!!

Hello and good evening to all! Hope everyone had a good day! I was quite productive! I finished my tech report, YAY! (just have to turn it in in the morning) and I worked out, made dinner, and wrapped all my christmas presents! Phew!

Food for the Day:

Lunch today was leftovers (I’m trying not to buy too much new stuff before break)

Green Chilie Quesadilla & Sweet Potato, Broccoli Sauteed in Amy's Soup

Snacks: I tried the Joy Tazo Tea from Starbucks, and I was not impressed, it didn’t have the bold spice taste I would have liked.

I also had a Van’s waffled covered in raw cinnamon honey

*Sorry for the lack of snack pictures

Dinner was faboush!

Cooking Ingredients:

1 3/4 cup whole wheat flour

1 1/4 cup organic pumpkin puree

1/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice


1 tbsp butter (I used this bonnie blue stuff that barely has any calories)

cheese (I used vegan mozzarella)


Cooking Instructions:

1) Mix wheat, pumpkin, and pumpkin pie spice together with your hands

Ball of Dough

2) Take about a 1/5 of the dough out at a time and roll into a log

Dough Log

3) Slice into about 1/2 inch pieces

Cut-up Pieces

4) Boil big pot of water, add salt liberally (I have one of those salt grinder things and I grinded about 3-4 times)

5) Drop gnocchi’s in the boiling water, about 15 at a time

6) Scoop out with slotted spoon when they float to the top

7) When all gnocchi’s are done add the butter and mix, letting it melt all over the gnocchi’s

They looked like chicken!

8) Add cheese to the top of the gnocchi’s (I used vegan mozzarella on mine and 3 cheese italian on Joey’s)

Joey's Plate

My Plate

9) Enjoy!

These things were awesome! I want to make them for my family when I go home! So good and very filling.

Gym Time:

Today at the gym I ran for 20 min at level 7, then did 10 minutes, interval, level 12 on the elliptical

I also did an 8 exercise circuit that I ran through 3 times:

1) Bench press with free weights. 15 reps.

2) Back rows. 15 reps.

3) Lunge with bicep curl. 15 reps.

4) Tricep dips off bench with feet on bosu. 15 reps.

5) Squat with bar over shoulders. 15 reps.

6) Bosu side squats. 25 reps on each leg.

7) Jump Ups. 15 reps.

8 ) 1 minute wallsit

*(All of these exercises are explained throughout my last blog http://www.quarterlifewellness.blogspot.com if you have any questions just ask!)

After this I Whittled My Middle. I’m totally continuing this type of workout to keep my abs up!

Good news!! Santa came today!! I made a make-shift tree with all of my dollar store finds! That place is awesome!!

Apartment "Tree"

$3 Star Lights!

Welp, thats all for the night.

Time for Real Housewives!! Anyone else watching this or something good tonight?


10 Responses

  1. loveee your apartment tree so much. like you don’t understand. i love it.

  2. hahah I am so in love with your apartment tree. I want one 🙂 Your dinner does look totally fab, I love me some gnocchi.

  3. HAHA AWW your tree is so cute!! 😀

  4. Omg I loove Housewives! And those gnocchis look delish, girl! 🙂

  5. Love the apartment tree!

    The pumpkin gnocchi looks great. I will have to make them when I’m cooking dinner just for myself. My husband hates butter so I don’t think he would be a fan.

  6. love real housewives 🙂 & your lunch looks amazing! gnocchi sounds relaly goodd.


  7. Pumpkin Gnocchi sounds good. I made sweet potato gnocchi a couple weeks ago and topped it with homemade organic pasta sauce. It was yum.

  8. I must make those suckers ASAP. What a great little recipe. Who knew they’d be so easy.

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  10. […] went over to Joey’s a whipped up a favorite dinner of mine, Whole Wheat Pumpkin Gnocchis!! HERE IS THE LINK TO MY ORIGINAL RECIPE which I got from Making Good Choices.  We also made some roasted broccoli with garlic (just tossed […]

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