Someone Do My Homework for Me PLEASE!! :-)

Hello and good afternoon to all! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. My presentation was a hit! YAY!! I am soooo glad to be done with presenting stuff this semester. Now I still have a bunch of other stuff to work on that I really don’t feel like doing at all!!

Gym Time: I really was feeling the urge to workout today, but I didn’t feel like lifting. So I did a 1 hour hill walk, all at 4.0 speed

Minutes Incline
1-5 2.0
5-20 3.0
20-35 4.0
35-50 5.0
50-55 2.0
55-60 0.0

Today is also the end of Whittle My Middle!!! A whole month of working hard at my abs to see how far I could take them and wow!!! Here is the photographic evidence!

Before Waist: 26.5 inches

After Waist: 25 inches

Before Below Waist: 33 inches

After Below Waist: 32 inches

Before Booty: 35 inches

After Booty: 33.5 inches

This is the best my abs have ever looked! I’m def proud of all my hard work!

Food for the Day:

Between breakfast and lunch I got hungry so I had a little cup of Oikos blueberry greek yogurt, YUM! (sorry no picture, it was already mostly in my stomach before I remembered!)

Lunch: I wanted a fun winter lunch so I made a pseudo-grilled cheese. But I used ezekiel sprouted grain bread, vegan mozzarella cheese, and a vegan boca burger. I also had a bowl of Amy’s Chunky tomato bisque. It was FAB!

Melty Cheese

I wanted to show how melty the cheese was (I made it like a regular grilled cheese on a skillet), because sometimes the vegan cheeses don’t so much like to melt. But this mozzarella is by far my favorite! (Oh and here is the picture of me trying to cook the soup in the skillet, haha, it was one of THOSE kind of days).


It eventually made its way to a saucepan.

That's Better!

Finished Product

Snack: Organic clif kid Z-bar, these things are good! (well at least the blueberry is).

Clif Kid Z-Bar

I also made a faux Green Monster:

1 cup spinach

1/2 cup kale (trying to use up leftovers)

1 tbsp raw cinnamon honey

1/2 cup almond milk

2 ice cubes

1/2 tbsp flax seed meal

Baby Green Monster

It was obviously a little more veggie-ish tasting than my normal breakfast Green Monster, but what I wanted was some quick veggies, and it was still quite tasty.

Dinner: Is going to be a loaded sweet potato! With boca, broccoli, onions, and I’m gonna saute all that in a little bit of Amy’s Soup I have leftover, it should be delish!

On a complete side note, I am HIGHLY recommending Burt’s Bee’s Deep Cleansing Cream.

Burt's Bees Deep Cleansing Cream

I do not have very good skin and because of how dry it has been lately I have ditched my nightly medication cream and have just been using this. And it’s the clearest my face has ever been, and I feel like it’s almost glowing.

Extreme Close-up!!


Well back to the books for me, blah! Hope everyone has a wonderful evening! XO!


10 Responses

  1. Wow, you look great! I’ve got to hop on that bandwagon, because my middle is lookin’ like a Christmas cookie – made out of dough! 😛 I use that Burt’s Bees too! I love it, it clears everything up overnight!

  2. congrats on the whittle my middle success– that is seriously impressive!! you look great, beautiful, and healthy now & before 🙂 and i feel you wiht the homework..blogging is my ultimate distraction right now


  3. OMG good job on your abs! Did you do a certain type of work out or just random ones? Have you tried Amy’s burgers? They are incredible!

    • Hey there! I was just checking out your blog, love it and love squirrel! 🙂

      For my abs I followed the workout set up by oh she glows It’s hard but awesome. And I had no idea I would get such great results! BONUS! Like I said I have never had abs EVER, so it’s pretty cool.

      And I havent tried Amy’s burgers but I def need to! Is there any specific kinds that you like? I do love her burritos!

  4. You look amazing! Way to go! All your hard work has totally paid off.

    Wish I could help you with your homework but to be honest, I don’t think you would want my help. Wasn’t the best test taker.

  5. You are beautiful. Simple as that 🙂

    bec xo

  6. Omg girl, your abs. Wow. Hotness!!! Plus you really are glowing, I must get my hands on some Burts Bees stat!

  7. Wow you look amazing- before and after! Congrats!

  8. holy crap woman! your abs are amazing!!! One month?! You lie….(just kidding, you hot!)

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