Is It Bedtime Yet?!

Al B. Sleeping

This is currently what I wish I was doing, and yes I’m wearing a flannel shirt, I prefer to think of it as channeling my inner Al Borlin. haha.

So, as I posted earlier I totally owned my presentation today!! Yay! This is kind of the bad thing about finals time, because you do one good thing and you want to rejoice and then it’s BLAM time to start working on the next thing (just like I had a group meeting immediately after my presentation). And can I reiterate how much I dispise group projects?! I will not rant, but grrrr, I just do not like them.

This was me driving home from school today.

2 heavy coats, it's sooo cold here!

Yahoo!! Rocking the tyra banks-style 5-head. haha. I’m finally getting a haircut on monday and I cannot wait. I got my hair cut really short in August and it has grown out really weird, I swear it looks like a mullet!

Gym Time: As I mentioned earlier today I made time for a little cardio and yoga this morning. I did a 30 minute hill walk (all at speed 4.0):

5 minutes at incline 2

20 minutes at incline 4

5 minutes at incline 2

Food for the Day:


PB&J, carrots, and a red delicious

Pretty boring I know, but I was in a big hurry.


Lemon Poppyseed Goodness

here is the cookie that I ate half of for snack, it was sooooo delish. I’m a vegan cookie feign.

Dinner: So, I had Mexican yesterday, but I hate to pass up the opportunity for taco tuesday! I wanted something quick and easy so I used this Eden Organic Cajun rice and beans mix (this is the first time I have tried it, and it was soooo good. I was shocked at the fabulous bold flavor).

Cajun Rice & Beans

I used the mix as a filling in 2 ezekiel tortillas,

Stuffed Ezekiel Tortilla

then I shredded vegan cheddar and mozerella cheeses on top. yum!

Lots of Vegan Cheese

I simply popped them in the over for 15 minutes at 350 degrees and voila!

Finished Product

Yummy enchilada-esque goodness. I used an organic peach mango salsa to dip,

I heart Archer Farms

and it was a good choice, the cajun spice and sweet salsa went really well together. I also had a side of broccoli (I freaking love broccoli).


Now it’s time to get started on some homework and watch the Biggest Loser finale!! I love love love the BL! One more presentation to do tomorrow and then I’m done with the spoken parts of my finals! Yippee!! Hope everyone has a fabulous evening!


8 Responses

  1. My dear, we are foodie soulmates! Those vegan cookies are my faaavorite, and I happen to be a vegan cheese connoisseur πŸ˜‰ I am feeling you on the chilly weather, it’s definitely time to bundle up here too!

    Also, is that a penguin pillowcase I spy? …Kind of adorable πŸ˜›

  2. YAY for owning your presentation girl!! i feel you on the sleep SO TIRED!! but i have to study. that mexican dinner looks awesome! i love your are awesome

  3. Your dinner looks so yummy!

    I love mexican food.

  4. good work on your presentation! makin’ mama proud! πŸ™‚

  5. PS…there is NOTHING wrong with flannel.

  6. yayy for celebrating taco Tuesday!!

  7. I am wearing two jackets too!! SO cold!!

    yummy eats!

  8. Mexican themed nights are my favorite <3333

    love youu bec xo

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