Sunday Not-Funday

Good evening to all! Im typing this up while my loving bf Joey is cooking up a wonderful mushroom risotto dinner for us! YUM! (I won’t actually be posting this until I get home though, so I can upload photos!). ***Bad news! I forgot my camera at Joey’s, so unfortunately this post is going up without pics (except for a few old ones). Sorry šŸ˜¦

Did everyone have a good day? It was homework, homework, homework, and gym for me today.

Breakfast was really good this morning, repeat of the other morning with pumpkin/banana/cinnamon oats with almond butter this time as a topper.

After breakfast I hit up the gym. So, thats were some news about my work situation comes into play. I have been REALLY frustrated with Banana lately because I go in for shifts and get off after like 2 hours of work, and honestly with a 20 minute commute and 45 minutes of prep time to look presentable for work, it’s simply not worth it. I really like working there, but when I am only getting 2 shifts a week and staying 1/2 the shift length, it just needs to end. Well I applied for a job at the gym the other day because I had seen signs up last week for a receptionist needed. So today (two days later) I asked one of the guys who works there about the status of the position because I hadn’t heard anything (I know like everyone there because it’s not a huge gym, and I’m there about 5 times a week). He checked with a few people and said he would have it all figured out for me by tomorrow. There is talk that they might just need help on the Tan Co. side of the desk (there is a Tan Co. in the gym) and actually I’m a little torn about that because I HATE tanning and I think it’s stupid, BUT I do need money, they have early morning shifts which I would really like, and it’s about 4 minutes from my house. But who knows what will happen, I guess I will find out tomorrow and then make my final decision about Banana. The thing is I had planned on staying in Springfield until Christmas Eve to work as much as possible, but if I am only gonna get like 1 shift then it’s more important to me to be spending that time at home with my family Ā (ESPECIALLY my little nephew who turns 1 on Christmas Eve).

Well besides that, I did a 60 minute cardio session at the gym, 45 minutes on elliptical, level 12, interval and 15 on the stairmaster, level 10/12, interval. So, it was a pretty good workout! Today was my last day off ever of Whittle My Middle, because it ends wednesday! Who is excited for final results pictures?! Click here for a link to my progress so far from my previous blog.

Lunch was leftover time. A Green Chilie Quesadilla, Balsamic Baked Eggplant and a red delicious apple.

Snack consisted of a Van’s organic waffle with raw cinnamon honey! SUPER YUM!

I also had a coke zero today! Eek! First real soda in weeks! I’m not anti-soda, but I was previously drinking like 3 a day, and that just needed to end!

I wanted to share a few new blogs that I have come across today that I really liked and thought you might too:

Well that’s all from Missouri today! I can’t wait for it to be Wednesday (I will still have A LOT to do, but at least all my presentations will be over!!) Hope everyone has a great night!

3 Responses

  1. Hey, just found your blog and love it! šŸ™‚
    Cinnamon honey? Sign me up for some of that!

  2. Oh it is TO DIE FOR!! Thanks for checking out the blog šŸ™‚ Hope you had a good weekend

  3. Aw thank you for the shout out. You are such a beautiful inspiration to all šŸ™‚

    tons of love
    bec xo

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