A Wonderful Saturday Night

Quick rundown of the fabulous evening:

New Tea: It tastes and smells like Christmas; cinnamon, apple, licorice, and cloves, YUM.

Republic of Tea: Comfort & Joy

Vino: Two enthusiastic thumbs up (someone tell me they know this quote from Clueless!)

Fat Bastard Chardonnay

Joey’s beer in the glass he gave me. My FAVORITE beer of all time is Delirium Nocturnum(SERIOUSLY try it if you haven’t), but in an awesome addition to my life, my tummy has developed an intense dislike of beer (it activates my acid reflux like none other, meaning I can’t even enjoy life if I have drank a beer, it SUCKS because I love good beer)

Cutthroat Porter


Soy Vanilla Ice Cream with Strawberries & Vegan Chocolate Chips

Add a little football and quality time with Noodle and Joey, and you get a great night. Even though I DID get let off work early AGAIN tonight (update on this to come tomorrow). Hope everyone had just a great of an evening!

4 Responses

  1. oww- dessert looks yummy. Hope you’re having a nice football Sunday!

  2. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the thoughtful comment, dear– I am greatly appreciative.

    Time out. So I kept seeing weird specs all over the screen, and thought I was going crazy.. Then I realized I really wasn’t seeing things and those ‘specs’ were snowflakes. haha.

    Anyways, I love football Sundays also–I hope you’re enjoying yours. Let’s Go Giants :p

    Looking forward to your next post, lovely lady
    bec xo

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